Add Color to a Chain Link Fence

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Chain link fences are practical, strong and, to some people’s eye, plain. Many people admire the simple, clean look of the classic silverish gray chain link fence. People often choose chain link because they want both security and an unobstructed view.

Add color to a chain link fence with red privacy slats.

When it comes to value, chain link can’t be beat. Galvanized wire is durable and requires little maintenance. But for all their advantages, it’s true that a chain link fence lacks the visual interest of ornamental iron or richly colored cedar.

What can you do if you want the security of chain link, but you’re a fan of bright hues? There are ways to add color to a chain link fence. Some methods are permanent, and others are temporary. Take a look:

Colored Vinyl Coating

Black chain link is another classic look for fences. We can add vinyl coating in a number of stock colors including green, white, brown and black. These colors tend to blend with the background, and in some situations may look even less noticeable than a silver fence.

Vinyl coating dresses up a fence in a subtle way. Besides color, vinyl adds thickness to the wire. This can change the look of the fence, especially if you desire a custom treatment. Vinyl coating is a way to add interest without obstructing the open look of the fence.

Privacy Slats

Privacy slats turn chain link fences into a privacy fences. They also add color. VIP privacy slats come in nine colors. You can choose slats to match or contrast with your chain link fence. Create patterns by alternating several colors. Install slats on the entire fence, or use them only where you want a bit of color or privacy. These accessories are easy to install and and remove.


Paint is an easy way to add color. You can buy paint specifically formulated for chain link fences, but color choices may be limited to silver. For a wider selection, look for an outdoor metal paint.

You’ll need to clean and prepare the fence before painting. Apply a rust-stopper spray to rust spots. Use a metal primer if the fence has been previously painted or if the fence has rust. Chain link is best painted with a roller. Spraying will create a mess. If your fence has a vinyl coating, you can’t paint on top of it.


Plants are a great way to add color to your fence. Add a flower bed in front of the fence. Hang lightweight planters on the posts. Unlike wood fences, chain link fences can accommodate some types of climbing plants. Research online or at a local nursery before planting a vine. Some plants are invasive or could be destructive.


The easiest way to add temporary color to a fence is with colored lights, art or garlands. If you’re satisfied with the look of your fence, but just want to add seasonal cheer, add twinkling lights or hanging garden art.

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