Enhance the Appearance of a Chain Link Fence

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Privacy Chain Link FencingChain link fencing is practical and sturdy. It’s one of the most popular fencing options on the market today, and you will commonly see them around playgrounds, sporting fields, schools, and yards.

While they are functional and strong, chain link fences may also provide a slightly more industrial aesthetic than some homeowners or business owners in Portland, OR would necessarily prefer. Here are some simple techniques that can transform your fence into a truly beautiful part of your property.

Add Slats to a Chain Link Fence

There are a variety of slats available that can be added to chain link fences. These are usually made of vinyl, wood, or aluminum and come in a variety of colors. Or, you can choose a more neutral color that will blend into the surrounding environment. If you want a more unique look, weave two different colors together or cut your own slats from beautiful wood like redwood or cedar. At Pacific Fence, we offer a wide variety of fencing slat options, to help create a more private and stylish appearance.

Use Vines to Cover the Fence

There are a variety of beautiful vines that can cover chain-link fences quickly. Looking for something that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance? No problem – there are several low maintenance vines that produce beautiful, sturdy greenery as well as those that bloom in the spring and summer. When you’re looking to purchase vines, be sure you read which ones thrive in your climate so you can be sure that it will grow well over the fence and cover it.

Use Evergreens to Cover the Fence

If you’re tired of looking at the metal chain link fence, planting perennials that provide year round color is a great idea. Evergreen plants are hearty and will stay green even through the winter. Many of these will grow high (some up to 30 feet or more) and will do well in full sun or part shade. Be sure you research which type of evergreens would work well in your yard.

Plant Shrubs Around the Fence

Just like vines and evergreens are used to enhance the area around your fence, shrubs can do the same. As the shrubs grow, they will get taller and wider, which means that the fence will not show as much. Look at shrubs that are colorful, like heavenly bamboo or rhododendrons which bloom into a variety of different forms, sizes, and colors.

Whether it’s gorgeous shrubs or bright-colored flowers, what you choose to beautify the areas surrounding your fence will allow you to enhance your yard space in a unique, eye-catching way!

Looking for more fencing options? Contact our expert team. We’re happy to help you choose the best option for you.