How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence is about as maintenance free as an outdoor structure can be. You won’t to need paint, stain or seal a vinyl fence. The panels won’t crack or warp, and they are immune to weather for the most part.

How to clean a vinyl fence.

Every now and then, you’ll want to wash your fence. Clean as needed, which can be anywhere from every three months to once a year.

Vinyl fences may yellow or turn green. Like nearly everything else in the Pacific Northwest, they fall prey to algae. The wet climate in Oregon and Washington encourages the growth of the tiny green plants on the surface of your fence.

In most cases, algae grows from a conspiracy of sun, water and organic materials. When grass clippings or leaves collect on a fence, they can provide the fuel for algae growth. Hosing down a fence after yard work helps prevent algae from taking hold in the first place.

How to Clean a Vinyl Fence of Light Dirt and Stains

A power washer is a quick way to clean a vinyl fence. In most cases, you can care for your fence without a power washer. Vinyl fences are easy to clean with ordinary dish soap and minimal elbow grease. Here are the tools you’ll need:

  • A bucket
  • Rubber gloves
  • Dish soap or a cleanser formulated for vinyl fences
  • A soft sponge, rags or a soft brush
  • A garden hose with a sprayer attachment

Before you get started, you may want to protect tender plants by covering them. Move furniture to a safe distance. Tie back or trim shrubs that are close to the fence.

  • Spray the fence to remove loose debris and dust.
  • Slip on the rubber gloves. Add soap and water to the bucket. If you’re using a vinyl-cleaning product, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Dip your sponge, rag or brush into the soapy bucket.
  • Scrub the fence, giving special attention to soiled areas.
  • Spray the fence to rinse the soap.

If soil remains, go over those areas again with a soft scrub brush. Don’t use rough scrubbers. They may leave scratches on the vinyl. Avoid cleaning with harsh cleansers. The chemicals may harm your fence and can hurt plants, animals and people.

Pacific Fence & Wire offers a number of great-looking vinyl fences. Vinyl comes in many of the classic styles associated with wood: picket, rail, privacy and more.

Give us a call if you need to install a new fence. We can get you a free estimate and help you choose the right material for your home.