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Security Gates: Functional & Stylish

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Security Gates are one of those features that are not only functional, but stylish as well.  In fact, many people install gates purely for their aesthetic looks without any real need for the “Security” part at all.

Gates are often elegant in nature and can really add to a property’s curb appeal.  They give visitors a sense of prominence and can make a home stand out from those around it.  This is especially true with the newer automatic gates and amazing advances in decorative fence and enclosures.

At Pacific Fence we can construct and install security gates that will give your home an entirely new look. We are able to match a gate to an existing fence style or install both matching fences and gates to your taste.  Our experience ranks us among the top gate installers in the Northwest and we are always happy to offer a free estimate.  For more details on the type of gates we can install visit our automatic gate page or give us a call at (503)233-6248.