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5 Ornamental Touches for Your Garden

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Late winter is the ideal time to plan for yard and garden projects. The landscape may be dormant, but gardeners’ imaginations are fertile. While you’re thinking of new flowers and vegetables, don’t forget about the purely ornamental touches. The best gardens mix natural and manmade elements. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Ornamental Metal Fences

small-fenceAmong the most distinctive fences are those made from wrought iron. Pacific Fence can build an iron fence to your specifications. Iron can feature ornate scrolls, simple lines or a rugged silhouette. You don’t necessarily need to install an entire fence made from metal. Iron gates complement fences made from stone, wood or other materials. An iron gate or accent fence is a great way to highlight sections of your yard or garden.

Creative Lighting

Solar lights are a great way to mark the perimeter of a garden or pathway. Strings of lights make a backyard or deck festive. Look for waterproof LED lights to hang around the outside of your house or in the yard. These lights come in lots of colors. You can find configurations that suggest twinkling stars or flowing waterfalls. The contrast of white lights strung on a dark metal fence looks great.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Do you enjoy relaxing outdoors on summer evenings? In Oregon, a source of warmth makes outdoor living more comfortable. You can hire a contractor to build an outdoor fireplace. For a less permanent fixture, look for a small portable fire pit. They are available in most home improvement stores and are perfect for entertaining. Styles range from small, budget-friendly models to elegant granite tables with a center fire pit. Fuel sources can be wood, propane or electricity.

Garden Art

Garden art can be elegant or kitschy. Since it’s easy to add or take away new pieces, have fun and experiment. Not sure where to begin? Start with a theme or collection. Do you like garden globes? Glass gazing balls are available in lots of colors and sizes and at many different price points. If you love humor and irony, group together a bunch of garden gnomes. Garden art often has an anything-goes aesthetic. So, go for it!

Water Features

A fountain is a classic element of gardens all over the world. Fountains are relatively easy to install. All you need is an electrical outlet. Place a small fountain on a deck and enjoy the sound of flowing water. If you have a spacious patio, a large fountain can be a focal point around which to organize your outdoor furniture. Don’t forget to consider wall fountains. They make the most of the vertical space on a house or garage.

At Pacific Fence & Wire we love hearing about our customers’ creative ideas. If you’re dreaming of adding a great-looking fence to your yard, give us a call! Custom designs are available.