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Secure Chain Link Fence

Fences serve many purposes, both residential and commercial. At home, a short, white picket fence in the front yard is a staple of Americana. As for the backyard, a traditional 6-foot cedar fence is ideal for making “good neighbors.” For large estates, wrought iron fencing lends an air of elegance while vinyl fencing offers a variety of styles or designs.

But fencing for the home can also provide security. An unfenced yard is a much more inviting target for burglars, especially if they don’t know what’s on the other side of the fence. The addition of a secured gate makes it all the more likely the ne’er-do-wells take a hard pass on your property.

For commercial buildings, fence systems are usually designed for secured areas or limiting the general public from gaining access to inventory or other aspects of the business. A high-security fence may also be installed for safety reasons, such as around public infrastructures like power stations, water treatment plants, and other utilities.

Secure chain link fencing is an easy choice

For security, chain link fencing is hard to beat. It’s relatively inexpensive and can be made as high as needed without worrying about blowing over during high winds. Heavy-duty bottom rails make it difficult to go under the bottom of the fence and affixing razor or barbed wire to the top rail will make anyone think twice.

Chain link fencing is the go-to security fencing for both public and private enterprises because of those reasons. But many homeowners turn to chain link fencing, too, because of its versatility and longevity. When installed correctly, metal line posts and gate posts provide a solid foundation for your fence.

Chain link fences are also ideal for keeping pets in your yard. It is the go-to material for dog kennels, runs, and other exterior holding areas for dogs or other animals. A well-designed chain-link pen or fence will give your animals plenty of room to roam while keeping them safely enclosed on the property.

Secure fencing that can look good, too
The traditional gray or silver color of chain link fencing is fine for most uses. There are some occasions, however, where aesthetics are important. Chain link fences can be coated in various colors of vinyl, can be made with different color slats, or even outfitted with chain link fabric similar to what you might see around tennis courts.

Worked with an experienced, trusted name

Pacific Fence and Wire has been providing security fencing for nearly a century. Because we’re able to create chain link fencing on-site, we’re able to design-build solutions of almost any size. Whether it’s fencing for your backyard or thirty-foot tall fencing for baseball and softball backstops, we’re able to offer fast turn-around times on all jobs.

We provide a variety of other fencing materials, including cedar, vinyl, wire, wrought iron, and other ornamental fencing. We also design fencing for farms and ranches to keep livestock in and pests out. No matter the type of fencing you need, Pacific Fence and Wire can install it.