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Understanding Your Security Fencing Options

Protecting your property – either commercial or residential – is a top priority. So when it comes time to install fencing for your space, it is important to do a variety of research to determine which security fencing options are available. Will the type of security fence you need be permanent?

Wooden fencing
This is an affordable option for residential or commercial spaces. It not only offers an extra layer of protection from intruders, but it also adds a secure area for dogs or other pets. This type of fencing material is aesthetically pleasing and can be stained to match your home’s design.

Wooden or metal hoarding
This is a great security fence that is often used for vacant properties or construction sites. The reinforced sheets of wood are connected to wooden posts, then set into concrete, making them a definite deterrent to intruders. The concrete footings or piers themselves are not necessarily in the ground to allow for mobility.

They are also sturdy enough to withstand a variety of weather including heavy winds. This is usually a temporary fencing solution until something more permanent – and aesthetically pleasing – can replace it after construction is finished. Or if it will be replaced at all.

Steel hoarding fencing, however, can be a great solution for securing a commercial site for an extended amount of time. It can be painted and customized to include barbed wire and can be fitted easily to timber or steel fence posts. They are more popular for longer use than wooden hoarding because they will stand up to the elements better.

Chain link fencing
This is a common security fence that can be used in both residential and commercial applications, in addition to sporting areas. For areas that need to be reinforced with more safety measures, adding barbed or razor wire at the top of the chain link fence is an option.

For temporary situations like wood or metal hoarding, feet are attached at the bottom of the fences to keep them in place. This is often used for festivals or other forms of entertainment to funnel people towards an entrance or exit. In some cases, the chain link can be festooned with material to obscure the view.

Another thing people wish to consider when adding security fencing is the added cost of a security gate, especially if the fence will be permanent. When installing a fence, adding a gate at the same time is a great idea. In other non-permanent situations, fence panels may just be moved on an as-needed basis.

Ready to get your security fence installed? Or perhaps you have more questions about which option is right for you. Pacific Fence & Wire will find out what property type you are trying to secure and our fence design team will find you the most cost-effective solution.

In addition to security fencing, we offer decorative wrought iron fencing with powder coating for a touch of class or wire mesh fencing for agricultural applications. No matter the situation, our experienced team can help! Contact us today for information and to set up a time to get your free quote.