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Making the Best of the Spring Rain

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In the Northwest it is no secret that it rains a lot but these past few weeks have been very trying even on the best of us.  Spring is here we have been teased by a few glimpses of sun and then tortured by weeks on end of heavy rain.  The do it yourselfer in all of us wants to get out and clean up that backyard in preparation for summer BBQ’s and parties.  But we can’t.  We are trapped in doors with nothing to do.

Well here is something you can do and probably should do during the rainy months heading into spring.  After a heavy rain has drenched your property go outside and inspect the area surrounding your home.  Look for areas where water is pooling and possibly draining under your home that could create problems down the road.  The spring is the perfect time to take note of these things and fix them before it turns into costly structural issues.

Another thing you can do is locate your gutters and look directly below them.  Is there standing water?  Is there a line running parallel to your gutter in the dirt that looks unnatural?  If so, your gutters are most likely clogged and not draining properly and are overflowing.  Again, take note and wait for a nice and sunny day to get up there and clean those gutters out.