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Buy Wholesale and Build it Yourself!

DiLarge Piles of Chain Link Fenced you know that at Pacific Fence not only do we build fences but we can help you build a fence on your own?  That’s right.  We sell our fencing materials at wholesale prices so if you are looking to save money you have come to the right place.

We have been a family run business since 1921 and with deep roots in Portland we don’t plan on going anywhere, anytime soon.  We understand that tough times are here and many people are looking to save money however they can.  The “do-it-yourselfer” economy is here and we are happy to provide affordable quality materials to help you with your projects.Chain Link Fence Weave Machine

Buy Wholesale and Save!

Not only do we provide quality materials, we also weave our own chain link fence saving money on shipping costs and giving us the ability to pass it on to you, the consumer!  Stop by or give us a call at (503)683-3623 to find out more about the products we carry and how we can assist on your next project.