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There are a number of reasons for having a fence installed. Privacy, safety, security, and even to add a little bit of curb appeal to the homestead. From the white picket to livestock to chain link topped with barb-wire, fencing comes in a variety of styles and materials.

As part of a home improvement project, provide safety around playgrounds and sports fields, or as a way to provide an extra layer of security around business, Pacific Fence & Wire has decades of experience designing and building fencing solutions to exact specifications.

From cedar fence to decorative metal, we have been building residential enclosures in the Pacific Northwest for 100 years. Installing a fence is more than just marking property lines, however. They can improve the look of your home, allow the pets to roam free, and even elevate the value of the home when done right.

Residential fences also provide a measure of security and privacy. But there’s no reason it can’t look good while doing so, right? We offer traditional wood fences, versatile vinyl fences, and durable aluminum fences. We’ll also build a durable fence gate, whether it’s a personal entrance or big enough for an RV to drive through.

When choosing the type of fencing for your home, our designers will take the size of your yard into account, the look of your home, and what you need it for. With so many options at your disposal for a fencing home project, why not get the one that perfectly fits your needs and your budget?

A residential wooden fence installation

Securing your business property is one of the most important things you can do. From solar farms to cell towers we have experience making sure your investment is protected. With outdoor seating at restaurants becoming more prevalent, secure fencing is becoming more important.

We can install a fence and gate that is as unique as your business. Have a lot of traffic coming in and out of your facility? Need a security system that controls when the fence can open and who can open it? We can take care of industrial gate installation in addition to security fencing.

And there’s nothing that says security can’t look good. We can add vinyl coating to chain link fences for a touch of color and clean up the front-facing part of your business. We offer a wide variety of materials and designs to fit your business at costs per linear foot to fit your finances.

Home run fences, backstops, tennis courts, fields, and large sporting complexes – we fence them all. We’ve worked with parks and recreation departments, high schools, and leagues throughout the Portland metro area. We understand the codes and specifications and can build to any dimension.

In addition to safety fencing, we build dugouts, exterior batting cages, and handrails for additional safety around ramps, concessions stands, and bleachers. Our fence builders also have extensive experience building dog kennels and dog runs.

A vinyl fence along a long driveway to help illustrate benefits of vinyl fencing

Whether it’s traditional wood, attractive vinyl, or utilitarian wire fencing, Pacific Fence and Wiring will evaluate your situation and design-build the ideal enclosure. Whether it’s livestock or horses, fencing for smaller animals, or as a way to protect your animals from predators.

We understand that rural fencing is about more than just keeping the animals in. Our team will help make sure your new enclosure adds to the natural beauty of your property. You worked hard to get your property the way you want it. Let us help it look great!

Whether it’s to lock up the pool at a hotel or apartment complex or to protect workers from chemical storage, there are many options when it comes to security fences. We can help you find the correct security solution for your property from razor wire to mini-mesh no climb chain link fence.

High-security fencing has come a long way in the design department. Black wrought-iron or steel fencing panels not only look great, but they also can’t be climbed as easily as chain link fences. Of course, we still offer chain link adorned with razor or barb wire, too.

Chain link fence with razor wire

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It’s not just a cliché. We have been building fences for the Pacific Northwest for 100 years now and our work shows it. Our installation process ensures you are matched with the best product for your needs and our tenured estimators and crews make sure the job is done right, the first time.

We are a family-owned and operated fence company. We do everything we can to make our clients comfortable throughout the entire process of securing and beautifying their property. If you have fencing needs, think of Pacific Fence as your local fence contractor.