About Security Fencing

Residential fencing is designed to give homeowners privacy, security, and even improve the overall look of the property. In more industrial situations, however, security is the first, second, and third reason to install fencing. Pacific Fence & Wire have been installing security fencing in the Pacific Northwest for decades.

There are several types of security fencing, although chain link is the most popular because of its cost, versatility, and durability. When used with barbed wire or razor wire, the fencing can be quite formidable to most passersby. 

While no fencing is 100 percent secure, Pacific Fence & Wire security fence installation will give you peace of mind that your property, equipment, grounds, and buildings are as secure as possible. When integrated with security cameras and automatic entry gates, you can keep an eye on your perimeter 24 hours a day.

Security fencing can be much more than a chain link fence, however. Our wrought iron fencing is ideal for an extra measure of security for the home because of its classic look. It’s also popular for commercial businesses that need security but don’t want to sacrifice “curb appeal.”

This can include around pools at hotels, securing grounds at a school or apartment complex, or at businesses where you need security but also want to allow people to see the product, such as a nursery. Steel and wrought iron fences are also low on maintenance. 

In some cases, security fences are needed to protect the general public, not just personal belongings or products. Pools are a good example of this, but power stations, transformers for buried utilities, and other hazardous equipment must be controlled. We’ve installed fencing around power stations and other infrastructure for decades.

Our security fencing doesn’t have to be relegated to commercial purposes, either. Many homeowners appreciate the flexibility of chain link fences, both in how it’s installed and how it looks. Shorter fences that are integrated with shrubs or climbing vines can clean up a front yard while slatted fencing ensures privacy in the backyard.

Take a look at some of our security fencing options above. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the city or miles away from everybody else, we have fencing, gates, and other solutions for your property. If security is a concern, please reach out to Pacific Fence & Wire, and let’s talk about how we can help.