About our Featured Projects

For more than a century, Pacific Fence & Wire have been building fences for both form and function. In rural areas or where farming is present, fencing is used to protect crops from pests, keep livestock in, and keep predators out. In more densely populated residential areas, fencing is primarily used for privacy, although ornamental fencing is a popular way to improve the curb appeal of a home.

Fencing also has many security and safety uses. For commercial properties, fencing is used to protect inventory from theft and to keep ne’er-do-wells off the property. In addition to protection, safety is also a consideration for many fences, in both public and private situations.

No matter if it’s a split rail fence to mark off a few acres of property or an ornamental wrought iron fence to lend an air of elegance, Pacific Fence & Wire builds them all. We’ll design-build your fencing to meet your use or match your personality. From efficient wire fencing to keep your garden safe or a mixed-media fence to class up your front yard, we’ve built them all.

Residential Fencing

Traditional cedar fencing, long-lasting vinyl fencing, and durable chain link or wrought-iron fencing. As you can see from our gallery, we work with all kinds of materials, uses, and designs. We also supply the fence parts you need to repair or maintain your fencing.

For the front yard or areas that are visible from the street, we design fencing that’s visually appealing while also serving a purpose. Let the family dog or small children play in the yard while you tend to the gardening knowing that everyone is safe and secure.

Privacy fencing in the backyard comes in many shapes and sizes as well. We build fencing that shields your property from prying eyes, no matter the shape or size of the yard. Steep slopes are no problem and lifetime steel posts ensure your fence will be standing for many years to come.

Commercial Fencing

In some cases, the function is more important than the form. While most of us wouldn’t call a chain link fence topped with razor wire the most welcoming feature of a property, that’s kind of the point, right? Keeping your commercial property safe is job number one for all property owners.

In addition to fencing, we also build security gates in a variety of sizes for both swing-open and side-to-side use. Of course, no fence is 100 percent guaranteed to keep the most determined crooks out–but our fencing will definitely make them think twice (or three times) before trying anything.

Public Use Fencing

This can include fencing around public swimming pools, sensitive or dangerous areas in or around public areas, or multi-family housing. Chain-link fencing is the most cost-effective, but vinyl-coated chain link fencing provides a more cleaned-up appearance if that’s important, such as around an apartment building.

Many athletic fields also require fencing, including backstop and dugout fencing for baseball or softball or tall fencing around tennis courts. Give us the specifications for your application and we’ll design the fencing that meets all codes and regulations for use.

In addition to fencing, Pacific Fence & Wire also install safety railing and hand railing around your home, commercial property, or public property where stairs, slopes, or uneven surfaces are present. In many cases, the railing is required to make your property or facility ADA-compliant.

Take a look at our handiwork below to get an idea of what we’re capable of. Undulating backyards, high-security industrial areas, athletic fields, and bucolic scenes in the country, we have the perfect fence, enclosure, or gate for your needs. Need help with an upcoming project? Get in touch with Pacific Fence & Wire to see what we can do for you.