About Chain Link Pool Fence

Having a pool is one of those luxuries that really comes in handy during the dog days of summer. Is there anything better than having friends and family over for a swim or a soak followed by a BBQ? But if there are going to be young children or inexperienced swimmers around, a chain link pool fence makes a lot of sense.

Of all accidental drownings in swimming pools, 20 percent happen to kids 14 and younger. While it’s a sobering thought, you can help put your mind at ease by installing a swimming pool fence around what should be a gathering place for fun and frolic. Even in the dead of winter, a swimming pool fence will help prevent unfortunate accidents.

You can also protect yourself if something happens to uninvited guests taking a dip in the pool when you’re not around. In some areas, a fence may be required to show you’ve “secured” your pool area and prevent possible lawsuits when an accident occurs.

As a hotel or apartment complex manager, a security chain link pool fence is an absolute necessity. There are specific codes and regulations for swimming pools in the state of Oregon so you’ll need to ensure you’ve done all you can to keep people–including the uninvited–safe from the pool. 

Chain Link Pool Fences Keep the Critters Out, too

Pool safety fences can also keep wandering animals safe and out of the water. It can be quite a shock to discover a family pet in the pool or, even more shocking, a wild animal! Not only can it be difficult to get a frightened animal out of the water, but they can also leave behind fur that can absolutely wreck a filtration system or pump.

Swimming Pool Fences: Safe, Secure, and Attractive

Although swimming pool fences are needed for security, that doesn’t mean that they can’t look great, too. As you can see from our gallery, Pacific Fence & Wire has a variety of looks for your pool. From plastic-wrapped chain link fences to wrought iron fencing, we will design the perfect swimming pool fence combination of form and function.

For hotels, apartment complexes, and other large-scale operations, we build chain link fences that can be wrapped in a protective coating in several different colors. We also offer wrought iron fencing and adhere to all building codes regarding this type of security fencing. 

For private residences, we have vinyl fencing designed to keep the smaller children away from the pool when no adults are around. All of these materials will stand up to the occasional splashing of water that comes with every cannonball or game of Marco Polo. Not to mention those rainy months when the pool is out of commission.  

Pacific Fence & Wire swimming pool fences can be installed with security gates, too. Either with door knobs that lock after closing or self-latching gates that prevent smaller children from entering the pool area. All gates can be built into existing fences, even if they are made from different materials.

Work With Fencing Professionals

For more than a century, Pacific Fence & Wire has been providing fencing for farms and ranches, residential fencing, industrial commercial security fencing, and a host of other options. Whether you need to keep the kids and pets in the backyard or uninvited guests out of your facility, we can help.

In addition to everything you need for your swimming pool fence, we offer a range of materials, styles, and designs for your other fencing needs. With our Lifetime Steel Posts, you can take comfort that your fence will stand the test of time. These posts can be used with almost every fencing material we carry.

No matter your needs, reach out to Pacific Fence & Wire. Our experience is unmatched, our customer service can’t be beaten, and our workmanship is recognized throughout Portland and beyond. Contact us today for a free estimate and we’ll design-build the perfect fence for your home, business, or industrial facility.