Security Fencing Solutions

One of the number one reasons to install a fence is for the purpose of security. In residential, commercial, and industrial applications fences are used to provide a safe barrier between the outside and inside. In most instances, a standard fence will suffice. However, in situations where unauthorized entry is of the utmost importance, a specialty security fence may be necessary.

Whether it’s to lock up the pool at a hotel or apartment complex or to protect workers from chemical storage, there are many options when it comes to security fences. The choices can quickly become overwhelming. We have the experience to help you choose the correct type of fence to keep your property secure.

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From Residential to Industrial - we can help you Secure what is Important to you

Types of Security Fence

The type of security fence that is right for you will depend entirely on what it is you are trying to accomplish with your fence. Are you merely trying to deter intruders from entering your premises or are you looking to keep out even the most determined unwanted guests?

We’ll work with you to determine what your fence will be used for.  Will it need security gates? Will the fencing design incorporate part of a structure? For example, if you are securing electrical equipment such as vaults or transformers, you may only want it accessible from a control facility.

Before you start envisioning a chain link fence adorned with razor or barbed wire, be aware that high-security fencing has come a long way in the design department. Black wrought-iron or steel fencing panels not only look great, but they also can’t be climbed as easily as chain link fences. Pointed picket fences can both add a flair of elegance as well as deter any would-be criminals.

Of course, price has to be a consideration. Especially if you need hundreds of feet of fencing! If you are looking for chain link or mesh fencing with deterrents along the top, we are more than able to install exactly what you need. We carry a wide variety of fence products, for security purposes, business, and residential use.

With a variety of materials, uses, and designs, your security fence will look great and do the job it was designed for. However, as with the installation of any security systems, it will only work as well as it’s installed. Again, price may be a concern, but no price is worth shoddy or inexperienced workmanship.

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Work with Professionals

It is important to note that almost no fence is truly impenetrable. With the right tools and enough time almost any metal security fence can be breached. So when safety and security are of the utmost importance, you’ll want to use a security fence company with experience.

With 100 years in the fencing business, we have seen our fair share of unique security fence needs. While every security fence project presents specific requirements, chances are good that we have dealt with a situation similar to yours in the past. Below is a list of some of the types of applications/facilities we have secured: