About Ornamental Metal Fence

Are you looking for a durable yet aesthetically pleasing fencing solution? Look no further. Pacific Fence & Wire’s ornamental metal fencing options are both pleasing to the eye and incredibly durable. 

What is ornamental fencing?

Ornamental metal fencing, often referred to as wrought iron fencing, is a long-lasting and secure fencing option. It comes in a variety of materials and styles to best fit your needs. 

Pacific Fence & Wire boasts one of the largest inventories in the state of ornamental steel fencing, wrought iron fencing, and aluminum fence products. That means that we have the ability and materials to construct the fence of your dreams. 

The benefits of ornamental metal fencing

These stylish yet heavy-duty fences offer a number of advantages. 

  • Security. Although it is not the most secure fencing option on the market, it is still effective at deterring potential threats. 
  • Versatility. This versatile fencing material comes in a number of different coat finishes and styles, allowing you to build your perfect fence. 
  • Durability. The decorative metal fence panels are powder-coated, which makes them highly resistant to the elements. Their durability and resistance mean that necessary maintenance sessions are few and far between. 
  • Curb appeal. The charming style of ornamental metal fencing instantly adds appeal to your home or business. This can even lead to increased property value. 
  • Compatibility. The steel fence panels come in a variety of styles, meaning that they are compatible with virtually any property. Furthermore, with a skilled installation team, they can easily blend into even the most sloped yards. 

Overall, ornamental metal fences can add charm and security to any home or business. If you are looking for a reliable fencing contractor, contact Pacific Fence & Wire today.