Chain link fencing is durable, easy to maintain, and offers a variety of designs and styles for your home or business. Whether it’s to keep the dog inside the backyard (or keep others out), chain link fencing is a relatively low-cost way to provide security, safety, and even privacy.

What makes chain link fencing so desirable is the way it can handle the four-season weather we get in the Pacific Northwest. The metal posts won’t rot away from all the rain and standing water like wood posts and rarely get blown over in a storm because there’s no resistance.

Chain link fencing won’t fade in the summer sun and never needs to be stained or treated as a wooden fence does. This fencing material also provides flexibility just not available in other types of fencing. Because it’s so lightweight, you can build chain link fences to almost any height.

In addition to fencing, we also offer rail pipes, corner posts, fittings, gates, ornamental fencing, and even barbed wire for security purposes. If you’re looking to repair your chain link fence or build one from scratch, we have the supplies and tools you’ll need.

Chain Link Fence Parts Catalog

Please use the links below to download and browse our PDF catalogs. Due to frequent fluctuations in material costs we ask that you contact us for pricing.

  • Chain Link  – Chain Link, Vinyl Coated Chain Link, Galvanized, Slats, Etc. We carry a variety of chain link fencing in several different gauges depending on your needs. Our chain link fencing is sold in 50-foot rolls and can come with slats included.
  • Pipe  – Residential and Commercial Pipe, Galvanized Square Tubes, Etc. We have a variety of gauges, lengths, and sizes of pipe for the tops and bottoms of your fence. Our standard, commercial, and industrial pipe can be powder coated black, green, brown, or white and we also sell lifetime steel posts and C-posts.
  • Line Fence  – Complete Line Fence, Terminal Posts, Etc. Tell us how many lineal feet of fence you need and we’ll give you all the materials to get your fence built. Let us know what your project is and we can recommend materials, gates, fence posts, and more to ensure you have everything to do the job right.
  • Fittings – Fittings, Tension Bands, Post Caps, Barb arms, Bolts, Etc. No matter what kind of chain link fence you’re building, we have the fittings, tension bands, caps, ties, and whatever else you need to complete your job.
  • Gate Fittings – Gate Hinges, Gate Latches, Clamps, Wheels, Etc. Whether it’s a small garden gate or an industrial cantilever gate, make sure you get the right hinges, brackets, rollers, or wheels.
  • Residential Gates – Residential Gates, Single Swing, Double Swing, Dog Runs, Etc. Why build a gate from scratch? Tell us your dimensions and we’ll build it for you! We also provide metal gate frames for wooden gates.
  • Industrial Gates – Commercial Gates, Swing Gates, Cantilever Gates, Slide Gates, Etc. We have a variety of sizes for single swing gates (up to 20 feet), double swing gates (up to 40 feet), slide gates (20 feet) and cantilever gates (30 feet). Our chain link gates can also be outfitted with barbed wire.
  • Barbed Wire – Barbed, Coil, and Woven Wire to help keep your business or property secure. We also carry fittings and arms to ensure proper installation.
  • Ornamental – Includes Montage ATF Ornamental Fence, Etc. If wrought iron is more your speed, we sell ornamental fence panels with a variety of designs and styles along with all of the necessary fittings.
  • Bufftech – Complete Post & Rail, Gates, Certa-Grain, Single Swing Gate, Etc. Bufftech vinyl fencing is a durable product that also looks great! We carry several different designs and styles, including steel posts, brackets, and other fittings.
  • Misc. Tool – Pliers, Post Hole Diggers, Pull Jacks, Stretcher Claw, Zinc Spray Paint, Etc. If you’re going to install your own chain link fence, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools for the job. We carry everything you’ll need to get the job done right and on deadline.