How to Get Your Pool Fence Ready for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. Plan ahead and get your pool ready now to enjoy throughout the season. When you’re cleaning your pool and getting it set for summer fun, don’t forget to check your pool fence.


How to Keep Rabbits out of Your Garden

You’ve spent hours getting your garden planted. You’ve lovingly tended to it day after day. Your handiwork attracts the admiring looks of neighbors and passers-by. But if some of those glances come from rabbits, beware. You’ll need to protect your plants from these cute but hungry marauders.


Driveway Gates Add Security and Style

A fence is only as good as its gate. With the right gate, your property is more secure, convenient and attractive. A driveway gate should keep unwanted visitors out while allowing easy access for those who you want to enter.

Driveway gates add security and style.


Thank you Lewis Rose

Please join us as we extend our best wishes to Lewis Rose is retiring after more than 45 years with the Pacific Fence family. He is a one of a kind worker and represents everything good about “old school”.  His character, company, loyalty, knowledge and dedication to hard work will be difficult to replace. He will surely be missed.  Thank you Lewis!

What Are the Benefits of a Vinyl Fence

Vinyl fences have become popular in recent years because they are affordable and versatile. They come in a variety of colors and textures, so no matter what style you prefer, there will be a vinyl fence that matches your home.

Vinyl Fence Advantages


4 Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard

When you build a fence in the Pacific Northwest, you have a range of choices. Wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental metal are just the beginning. Each material also comes in a selection of designs and colors. Choosing the best fence for your Portland-area yard isn’t complicated, but it pays to do some research before you build.

Best Fence for Your Yard


Steel Fence Posts Prop Up Fence Longevity

Wood is a stylish and practical option for a fence. Homeowners love the beauty and privacy afforded by this natural, classic material. A professional wood fence installation in Portland results in a structure that lasts between 10 and 20 years.

Advantages of steel fence posts


Essential Chain Link Fence Materials


A chain link fence is a great way to keep your home safe and increase its value. These fences are easy for experienced DIYers to install. Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to complete construction in a couple of days. Keep in mind that those two days have to be spread out. You’ll need to allow curing time for the cement that anchors the fence posts.

Not everyone wants to spend time building a fence. If you just want a finished fence without the hassle of construction, contact us. We’ll give you an estimate and build your fence.

If you decide to build yourself, read our blog post to learn how it’s done. Pacific Fence carries all the supplies you’ll need, and our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get your essential chain link fence materials.

Here’s what it takes to build the fence. (more…)

Know Your Fence Post Types

No matter what type of fence you’re building, it’s going to require a bunch of posts. These supports are the backbone of all fences, whether vinyl, wood, chain link and ornamental fences.

Fence posts


Vinyl Coated vs. Galvanized Chain Link Fences

Galvanized chain link fences feature a coating to improve durability. Vinyl-coated chain link includes a plastic material on top of the wire. Galvanization increases longevity. Vinyl improves the looks of plain wire and also increases its resistance to rust.

Galvanized Chain Link Fences