Is it OK to Build a Fence in Fall or Winter?

Fall and winter are ideal times to install fencing because you can bypass the seasons of higher demand and longer waits. The orders for fencing in Portland slows as the weather turns cold. We can more easily accommodate your schedule when you build between September and March.

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Complete Fall Fence Maintenance Now

Fall weather is the favorite of many people. Children’s cheeks turn pink in the cold air. Trees put on a brief but fiery display. People make the most of long, dark evenings by sipping hot beverages by the fireplace.

Even seasonal chores such as preparing your yard for winter have a pleasant, familiar feel. As you tidy the garden, don’t forget to give its perimeter a little love. A fence is a frame. A well-maintained border makes what lies within look better.

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Compare Chain Link, Wood and Vinyl Fences

Chain link, wood and vinyl are three of the most popular materials for fences. These three types of fences are great for both residential and commercial properties. Each of the materials makes a fence that’s durable and good looking. Each type will provide security. So which should you choose? Before you decide, consider the differing strengths of chain link, wood and vinyl fencing.

Compare chain link wood and vinyl fences. A vinyl fence surrounds a swimming pool.


Designing an Athletic Field Fence

Need a fence for an athletic field? Fences make a sporting field more secure by keeping spectators and players apart. In some sports, such as baseball, the right fence is essential to protect against injuries and property damage.

Designing an Athletic Field Fence. A baseball player is seen.


Add Color to a Chain Link Fence

Chain link fences are practical, strong and, to some people’s eye, plain. Many people admire the simple, clean look of the classic silverish gray chain link fence. People often choose chain link because they want both security and an unobstructed view.

Add color to a chain link fence with red privacy slats.


How to Design a Chain Link Security Fence

Nearly any type of sturdy fence can make a home or business safer. If keeping thieves, vandals and other wrongdoers off your property is a priority, a chain link fence is often the first choice.

How to design a chain link security fence.


How to Clean a Vinyl Fence

A vinyl fence is about as maintenance free as an outdoor structure can be. You won’t to need paint, stain or seal a vinyl fence. The panels won’t crack or warp, and they are immune to weather for the most part.

How to clean a vinyl fence.


How to Install a Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fences are strong and stylish. Also known as ornamental metal, wrought iron lends itself to classic and modern designs. Metal can be combined with wood, cement or brick. With its combination of beauty and functionality, it’s no wonder that wrought iron is a perennial favorite of homeowners.

How to Install a Wrought Iron Fence


How to Install a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is straightforward to construct. It requires basic tools and intermediate skills. Building a fence for a standard-sized yard takes at least two days spaced about a week apart. The work will proceed more quickly if you enlist a partner for the project.

How to install a chain link fence.


How to Build a Chain Link Dog Kennel

A chain link dog kennel can keep a dog safe and under control. If your yard doesn’t have a dog-safe fence, a kennel provides a place for your dog to satisfy its need for fresh air and activity.

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