About Sports & Athletic Fences

Choosing a fence for your athletic facility, whether you work for a governmental agency or a private owner, is more than just figuring out the dimensions and going from there. Requirements for a fence around a tennis court can actually differ greatly from fencing you’ll need behind home plate at high school or semi-pro baseball field.

When choosing an athletic fence, think about the wear and tear it will endure. For example, tennis court fencing is in place to keep aces, cross-court winners, and unforced errors from getting too far away from the court. In some cases, sheathing of some sort is installed to help keep the wind from becoming a factor (and even provide a little bit of protection).

On the other hand, a baseball or softball backstop will experience a lot more wear and tear as pitches that get past the catcher, foul balls, and overthrown balls to home plate go crashing into the fence. A thicker gauge wire is an absolute necessity for those areas. However, fences along the baselines (tennis or baseball) and home run fences don’t need to be as nearly heavy duty.

The Perfect Combination of Form and Function for Your Athletic Field

But who’s to say durable, long-lasting fencing can’t look good, too? As you can see below, coating the fencing can make your facility look that much better. Need fencing for new facilities at your school? Wouldn’t it look great to have your school colors integrated into the backstop, dugout fencing, and fencing around the soccer field?

That coating does double-duty: In addition to just looking nice, it provides another layer of protection to the fencing material. With the wet weather conditions we get in the Pacific Northwest, not to mention the sprinklers that are needed to keep fields green, this coating will help extend the life of your fencing. 

Athletic Fencing for Safety

A high backstop is obviously important behind home plate, both to protect spectators and to knock down passed balls, wild pitches, and balls that are fouled back during baseball or softball games. But fencing is also needed along the first and third base lines to keep those watching safe and to keep the ball in the field of play.

Pacific Fence and Wire will build your baseball and softball field fencing to exacting specifications depending on the level of play. We’ve installed both straight up and down vertical chain link backstops as well as backstops that are angled at the top for additional spectator safety.

We can also install netting if there is a “hub” of fields. More so than other sports, baseballs and softballs can be sent in all directions. Fans paying attention to one game or heading to the concession stand may not be paying attention to other fields. The combination of a high-quality fencing system and netting ensures everyone will enjoy a day at the ballpark safely.

Work With Sports Fencing Masters

From private tennis courts to city blacktop basketball courts, Pacific Fence and Wire has been installing chain link fencing solutions for decades. Not all fencing is created equally: Tell us what you need and we will design-build the ideal fence for your needs.

Reach out to Pacific Fence and Wire – you secure the required permits and we’ll take care of the rest!