Athletic Courts and Facilities

We specialize in building quality fencing for a variety of athletic applications. We can help with all types of sports fence installations, ranging from small residential courts to large complex recreational systems. Our knowledge and hands-on experience that we bring to each project mean that you will get the best sports fencing installed quickly and efficiently.

Functionality is important, but so is aesthetics. If you want, we can talk to you about coating our chain link fences with different colors so that it matches the outside of your facility. A protective coating can also act as a moisture barrier. Sports fencing has a greater risk of water damage because of their continuous outside exposure to Pacific Northwest rain as well as sprinkler systems that come on regularly during the summer. We can explain some of the options for protective coatings, so you can rely on your fence for a long time.

Maybe you will need a net system in addition to your fence. We can install those as well to act as safety barriers and backstops for overshot balls. Or perhaps you are not sure what style of sports fence would be the best option for you. We will ask questions about the main function of the fence and discuss options with you on what type of gauge or wiring would be recommended. Sports fences are different than regular fences because of their role and durability.

As you start researching your options in athletic fences, remember that choosing a company that has significant experience in athletic fencing installs is important. We are Portland’s leader in sports fencing! See for yourself by browsing some of the images from our recent installations, or give us a call today for a free estimate. We look forward to getting your sports fencing project started so you can get out there and play the sports you love!

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