Arrowlock Slats



Arrowlock Slats are an innovative solution designed to enhance your chain link fence by adding privacy and security in an affordable and easy to deploy package.

Utilizing an exclusive bottom locking system, Arrowlock Slats offer a seamless “snap-in” locking feature, ensuring security, privacy and vandal deterrence. We offer a variety of colors, widths and heights to easily match your existing chain link fence.

Arrowlock Slats are approximately 2 inches shorter than the fence height (to accommodate for the bottom locking channel).  Each bag includes a single bottom locking channel fastener and 82 vertical slats and covers approximately 10 linear feet.


Arrowlock Slats can be installed by virtually anyone with a ladder or stepping stool and gloves.  Installation begins by running the horizontal channel lock across the base of your chain link fence with the open side facing up.  Once the channel lock is in place you can begin install the Arrowlock Slats by inserting them vertically with the beveled/notched end facing down.  Push the vertical slat down until it locks into the horizontal channel.  That’s it!

Raw Materials

Arrowlock Privacy slats are extruded from quality High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Color pigments include ultraviolet inhibitors guaranteed to circumvent the aging and fading effects of the sun.

HDPE Technical Properties

  • Melt Index: (.6) a low melt index is an indication of enhanced stress and crack resistance
  • Density: (.957) high density for maximum stiffness without becoming brittle
  • Maximum Temperature: (250* F / 121* C) Polyethylene will not distort until it reaches this temperature.
  • Minimum Temperature: (-76* F / -60* C) Polyethylene will stay flexible at this temperature.
  • Tensile Strength: (3700 psi) Polyethylene will not suffer any distortions at lesser load or impact.

How many slats are included in each order?

82 vertical slats are included in each order – enough to cover 10 linear feet.

How do I know how many bags to order?

To calculate how many bags of Arrowlock slats your job requires you should measure the length of the fence you want to cover with slats and divide it by 10.  For example, if your fence is 130ft in length you would take 130/10 which means you would need to buy 13 bags of slats.

How tall are the slats?

The height of the slats depends on the size of your fence and the height you choose in the order options. Arrowlock slats come approximately 2 inches shorter than the fence height you select to accommodate for the bottom locking channel.  For example, if you choose a 6ft fence height the Arrowlock slats will be 5′ 10″.

Will the slats fade from heat or cold exposure?

Arrowlock slats are engineered from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and incorporate UV inhibitors to protect against sun damage and endure extreme weather conditions – both hot and cold.