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Best fence types for a park

Community parks are a special place for families and individuals of all walks of life. Heading outside to enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors is great for the mind and the body, so when planning a nice community park, it’s important to think of all facets of the project, including the fence. Municipalities and city builders looking to construct a community park have several different style options. Here are some basics:

Ornamental steel

For many parks and recreation projects, ornamental steel fences are very popular. These are welded using revolutionary fusion technology and are heavy duty, constructed with pre-galvanized steel. These fences will oftentimes come with warranties and are made to look like wrought-iron fences with none of the expensive, costly maintenance.

Industrial steel

Industrial steel fence panels are made to be a high security fence and are customizable for fence heights, colors, and rail placements.  This is a very popular choice for city park projects because it allows city builders the option to make it as high as needed in order to cover the specific space.

Chain link fence

Chain link fences are an affordable option for city parks and are commonly used because they are easily installed and provide security for all types of community park settings.

Industrial aluminum

Industrial aluminum fences are the most durable fencing on the market currently. The fence products are assembled with an internal picket to rail retaining rod, which makes them visually appealing.

No matter what type of fence is chosen, the investment is well worth it. Here are some of the advantages of adding a quality-made fence to a local community park.

  • Containment: Fences will help contain animals that patrons may take to the park, and they can also keep young children from wandering into the street.
  • Security: A good fence can help patrons from entering the park at unwanted hours. Also, if a fence is located around a playground area, it can help keep children contained and safe.
  • Design: An aesthetically appealing fence will help define the park’s boundary while adding to the natural landscape.

Fence installation is what we specialize in, so if your city planning team is looking for assistance in ordering and installing a new fence for a local park, contact our experienced team of professionals on what your options are. We offer fences in a variety of style options, so no matter what you’re looking for, we can help.