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What’s the Best Fence for Small Dogs?

Brown Dachshund running

Wondering what’s the best fence for small dogs? The answer is right here at Pacific Fence & Wire! We love dogs at PF&W. During our long, nearly 100-year history, we’ve been proud to know some of the best pooches that ever fetched a stick. Large dogs, small dogs, medium-sized dogs … when it comes to… Read more »

Who Pays For A Fence Between Neighbors?

Wood Fence

Let’s say you need a fence between your property and the one next to yours. Let’s also say that this fence is not for aesthetic purposes; instead, it’s a necessity. Who pays for a fence between neighbors? Answering this question requires us to simplify this hypothetical situation, as we’ve done in that first paragraph. Why?… Read more »

Dog Fence Aggression And How To Prevent It

Mean looking dog at gate

We’ve all seen it: An aggressive dog is barking at us from the other side of a fence. It’s been taught to protect the homestead, so it perceives passersby as a threat. It barks and growls and sometimes pushes against the fence, sniffing for signs of the enemy. Dog fence aggression is no joke. It… Read more »

How To Stop A Dog From Digging Under The Fence

Curious dog looks over the garden fence

Ahh, dogs. Their loyalty, bravery, friendliness, and unconditional love for us are just a few of the reasons why their companionship provides us with such great joy. But when their instincts get the better part of their good nature, they sure can drive us crazy! Such is the case with dogs that dig, dig, dig… Read more »

Best Climbing Plants For Wooden Fences

ivy growing on a wooden fence

It’s important for property owners to know which vines provide the best and most beautiful cover for their wooden fences. But it’s just as important — if not more so — to ask another question: Which climbing vines should I not have on my wooden fence? Fast-growing vines — especially woody vines — can damage… Read more »

How to Replace a Wooden Fence Panel

Wooden board background to illustrate How to Replace a Wooden Fence Panel

For those of you looking for an overview of how to replace a wooden fence panel, we’ve provided a broad outline below. If you have any questions about specifics or if you need a fence expert to provide guidance and advice, we suggest calling the pros at Pacific Fence & Wire. PF&W is approaching its… Read more »

Dog Fencing Solutions

Is there such a thing as dog-proof landscaping? A picture-perfect lawn may not be attainable with an energetic dog on the loose. But a safe yard – one that’s comfortable for both human and canine family members – is possible. A fenced-in yard is the perfect place for your best friend to romp and relax…. Read more »

Staining Fence

Treating an old wood fence with a protective stain will not only keep your fence looking great, it will protect it from the elements. There are several ways to stain a wood fence including a paint brush, roller or paint sprayer. For larger projects, it may be worth the money to invest in a quality… Read more »

How to Plan for a New Fence


A repaired or new fence can add value to your property, add privacy, or add a decorative aspect to your yard, but there’s a few things to know before you jump feet first into a new fence. Here’s your guide to planning for a new fence. Should I Repair or Replace my Fence? Before determining… Read more »

Installing Outdoor Safety Railings

Safety Railings

When it comes to installing outdoor safety railings, there are a fair amount of questions to consider. First, who will be using this railing? Is the railing around the edge of a small pond, or accompanying a winding set of stairs? Another factor to consider before installing safety railings is the local codes and ordinances… Read more »