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Picking Up the Pieces After a Storm

Did your fence survive the season? Oregon and Washington were hit with several weather whammies this winter. Floods, ice, wind and even a tornado swept through the area. Now that the worst of nature’s fun is over for the season (we hope!), it’s time to check your fence for damage.

Inspect and Assess Damage

The damage to a fence may be obvious. You don’t need a magnifying glass to see broken boards or damaged posts. Other types of damage will only be visible upon close inspection. After a storm, walk along your fence. Look for loose boards and nails, cracks in the wood, bent wire or anything that needs fixing. You may be able to quickly right what’s wrong, or it may be necessary to call a professional. Either way, make repairs as soon as possible so your yard and fence won’t be vulnerable to more damage.

Clean Up Your Fence

Wind storms inevitably leave debris on a fence. It’s especially important to remove organic material from a wood fence. Allowing leaves and branches to linger on a fence can lead to rot. Trim tree limbs that threaten to fall on your fence as trees are often hard hit by winter. If you have time, inspect your trees after each new storm.

Should You Mend a Fence Yourself?

You can repair the minor damage yourself. If you see loose fasteners, it’s a quick job to tighten those yourself. People who are comfortable with DIY projects will be capable replacing broken or missing planks. Patching a chain link fence is also straightforward if you’re handy. You can find the top rails and other supplies here at Pacific Fence & Wire and we are happy to provide materials a la carte.

Will Insurance Pay for Fence Repair?

Your homeowner’s insurance may cover damage to a fence caused by weather. Check with your insurance company, or look under the “Other Structures” section of your policy. Factors that affect coverage include the details of your policy, your deductible and whether or not you share ownership of a fence with a neighbor.

When to Call a Professional

Custom fences can be difficult for homeowners to repair on their own. A professional has the resources to seamlessly mend a fence, matching special materials and construction methods. Not everyone has the tools needed to patch chain links or metal fences. Even minor repairs, such as replacing a wood slat, aren’t easy if you don’t have the equipment and experience.

Please contact Pacific Fence & Wire for help. We can repair every type of fence and make it look like new.