Understanding Your Security Fencing Options

Protecting your property – either commercial or residential – is a top priority. So when it comes time to install fencing for your space, it is important to do a variety of research to determine which security fencing options are available. Will the type of security fence you need be permanent? Wooden fencing This is an affordable option for residential or commercial spaces. It not only offers an extra layer of protection from intruders, but…

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Can Cats Climb Chain Link Fences?

Your cat is a part of your family, so ensuring that it is kept safe and contained is important. Unfortunately, cats can be little magicians when it comes to escaping. They will squeeze out of small areas and use their claws to shimmy up fences and trees to go and explore the world. If you have a chain-link fence, your cat will likely use it to get out. Consider the links little ladders for their…

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Who Pays For A Fence Between Neighbors?

Let’s say you need a fence between your property and the one next to yours. Let’s also say that this fence is not for aesthetic purposes; instead, it’s a necessity. Who pays for a fence between neighbors? Answering this question requires us to simplify this hypothetical situation, as we’ve done in that first paragraph. Why? Because there are far too many variables at play to fit inside one humble blog post. Local ordinances, state laws…

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Best Climbing Plants For Wooden Fences

It’s important for property owners to know which vines provide the best and most beautiful cover for their wooden fences. But it’s just as important — if not more so — to ask another question: Which climbing vines should I not have on my wooden fence? Fast-growing vines — especially woody vines — can damage wood fences. There are a lot of different types of vines out there, so you’ll have to do a little…

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All About Wood Fence Life Expectancy 

If you’re considering wood fencing, you may be wondering about wood fence life expectancy. Truth is, wooden fences, for all their remarkable attributes, do require a bit of a tradeoff in terms of longevity and maintenance compared to other fencing materials, such as vinyl, aluminum, or chain-link. It’s definitely worth it, though. There’s really nothing like natural wood fencing. It’s elegant, classic, stylish, and provides an almost magical element of beauty to any property. Pacific…

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All About Vinyl Fence Life Expectancy

You may be wondering about vinyl fence life expectancy. You’re almost certain that a vinyl fence is right for you, your family, your budget, and your property. (You have compared and contrasted vinyl fences with wood fences, aluminum, and chain-link fences, for example.) You know which portions of your property you want to be fenced. You’ve considered fence colors, fence maintenance, and fence repair. You just need that one last bit of information to tie…

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Does A Fence Increase Appraisal Value?

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When it comes to real estate, many people wonder whether or not a fence increases appraisal value. At Pacific Fence & Wire, we thought we’d look into this question. Does a fence increase appraisal value? There are certainly wrinkles in the appraisal process that affect price and perceived value. And, of course, different appraisers have different methods. But we’re happy to report that yes, indeed, a fence can increase a home’s appraisal value. Reasons to…

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How to Plan for a New Fence

A repaired or new fence can add value to your property, add privacy, or add a decorative aspect to your yard, but there’s a few things to know before you jump feet first into a new fence. Here’s your guide to planning for a new fence. Should I Repair or Replace my Fence? Before determining if you need a new fence, it's best to see if your current fence, if you have one, can be…

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Thank you Lewis Rose

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Please join us as we extend our best wishes to Lewis Rose is retiring after more than 45 years with the Pacific Fence family. He is a one of a kind worker and represents everything good about “old school”.  His character, company, loyalty, knowledge and dedication to hard work will be difficult to replace. He will surely be missed.  Thank you Lewis!

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