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Steel Fence Posts Prop Up Fence Longevity

Wood is a stylish and practical option for a fence. Homeowners love the beauty and privacy afforded by this natural, classic material. A professional wood fence installation in Portland results in a structure that lasts between 10 and 20 years.

Eventually, though, wood will show wear. Such is the nature of all organic materials. You can keep a wood fence in Portland in good shape by applying a sealer once a year or so. Cedar, a native of the Pacific Northwest, is an excellent building material for Oregon and Washington.

Installing metal posts is an option that can improve the strength and longevity of a wood fence.

Galvanized steel posts for wood fences have a couple of clear benefits. They are stronger than wood ones and will hold up better in high winds. Steel won’t rot and the zinc coating prevents the metal from rusting.

Should I Hide or Show Steel Posts?

We can design a fence that either shows or hides the posts. Many people like the contrast of metal and wood. A structure that highlights the mix of materials has an industrial-style vibe that is currently in vogue. However, if you want the durability of steel but like the look of wood, we can make the steel posts invisible. We can build your fence either way. Check our gallery to see examples of mixed-media fences.

How Does Metal Compare to Pressure Treated Wood?

Builders often use pressure-treated wood for posts. This type of lumber is treated with pesticides and fungicides. It resists rot and can last for decades. In the past, pressure treated wood contained arsenic. Today’s pressure treated wood no longer contains this poison. However, for those who want to avoid chemicals, steel posts are an alternative. Steel lasts even longer than pressure treated wood.

Are Steel Posts More Expensive than Wood Posts?

Steel posts are available at different prices. Some steel posts, such as the ones used for chain link fences, are less expensive than some types of wood posts. There are also specialty steel posts that are initially more costly than wood.

When comparing costs, remember that steel doesn’t need to be maintained or replaced as often as wood. Also, a stronger post reduces the need for fence repairs after a storm. Speak with one of the specialists at Pacific Fence. We’ll help you make the right choice.

Expert Portland Fence Installation

Pacific Fence offers some wooden and steel fences. Our team can also create a custom design tailor-made for your yard. Contact us today for an estimate.