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Tips for Repairing a Wooden Fence

Updated August 9, 2018

Your wooden fence plays a key role in the overall protection and beauty of your home or business. But, sometimes things can happen to it! Sometimes damage from a storm could occur or something else that causes a portion of a fence to be in disrepair, even though the rest of it is still in great condition. Rather than replacing the entire fence, you may still be able to get a few more years out of your current fence if you just repair the damaged section. Here are some tips to help you through this process.

Determine the Damaged Area: Assess the damaged area and decide if it’s worth repairing or if you need a new fence altogether.  This is usually a personal decision and is based on how much repair you really want to tackle. If the damaged area spans more than two consecutive panels (roughly 20ft) it may be time for a new fence. The larger the repair area, the more difficult the repair job.

Get Replacement Material and Necessary Tools: Before you start tearing down the old section of fence, it makes sense to get the proper tools and replacement material ahead of time.  In some instances, you may just need a few support brackets to reconnect your fence, in others you may need to replace as much as the post.

Tear Down the Damaged Section: Now it’s time to remove the damaged area of the fence. You may be able to re-use material here so be careful in what you tear down. Obviously, try and salvage as much of the old fence as possible.

Repair the Fence: Install your replacement material, making sure that everything is square and level. Give the fence a good shake to make sure it is stable enough to handle winds and random impacts from the environment.

Repairing a fence is not an easy task and if at any point you are in doubt, contact our team of fencing professionals at Pacific Fence & Wire.