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4 Tips for Choosing the Best Fence for Your Yard

When you build a fence in the Pacific Northwest, you have a range of choices. Wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental metal are just the beginning. Each material also comes in a selection of designs and colors. Choosing the best fence for your Portland-area yard isn’t complicated, but it pays to do some research before you build.

Here’s how to decide which fence to buy:

Know Your Priorities

Why do you need a fence? Is it to keep a rambunctious pup contained? Secure your property? Add privacy to the backyard? Some fences, such as a wooden or vinyl privacy fence, will work for all those needs. But, if you want to retain the view while securing your yard, a chain link fence might be preferable. A picket fence is another style that adds a boundary without blocking your view.

Know Your Neighborhood’s Restrictions

Some Oregon and Southwest Washington areas have restrictions on the type of fence you can build. Most cities and homeowner’s associations have rules regarding the height of structures. Be sure to research the codes for your neighborhood. Many areas allow privacy fences in the backyard but not in the front. If you build something that violates codes, you’ll have to remove it and may have to pay a fine, too.

Know Your Tolerance for Maintenance

Do you want to spend time maintaining a fence? Wooden fences require the most maintenance because you will need to paint or stain them every couple years. Vinyl fences and chain link require virtually no upkeep. You may need to clean a vinyl fence from time to time. Wood and chain link are easy to repair. In some cases, a vinyl fence is hard to fix because of the need to find materials that are an exact match.

Know Your Budget

Fencing materials vary substantially in price. If your property is large, your final price will, of course, be much more than if you have a small yard. Estimate the amount of fencing you’ll need, then compare prices for your top choices. Prices will include materials and labor. You might also want to calculate the cost of maintenance over the life of the fence.

Traditional, Modern or Custom Designs

Any fence will add value to your property, but the right one also adds style and convenience. Pacific Fence offers chain link, vinyl, wood and ornamental iron. Choose a traditional look, such as picket or rail, or request a custom design. We can mix and match styles to build the perfect fence for your property.

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