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Swimming pool fence ideas

There is nothing more refreshing than a swim in a comfortably cool pool on a hot day. Pools are a wonderful addition to your backyard. It is not only fun and relaxing for you, but it can serve as a gathering place for friends, neighbors, and other family members.

While it needs to be functional and clean, the area needs to be safe, first and foremost. With young children or those that don’t know how to swim, a pool safety fence around your pool can be a lifesaver. It will also prevent overactive dogs and animals from taking a midnight dip.

Safety and Aesthetics

In addition to keeping children or pets out of the pool, perimeter fencing around the pool area also will define different outdoor spaces. An attractive glass fence or vinyl fencing will keep guests safely away from the pool while allowing them to take in the beauty of the pool. A properly lit infinity pool will add an air of elegance during an evening gathering.

Other times, the fence design is more utilitarian than anything. While a mesh pool fence doesn’t have the grace of glass pool fencing, it is relatively easy to take down during the day and put back up at the end of the night. These fences can also be used around hot tubs, spas, and other outdoor entertainment areas to prevent woodland neighbors from visiting.

Before you begin looking for fences, keep in mind that for safety reasons, they will need to be at least four feet in height. Many types of fence designs are primarily made for pools, including lockable gates.

Types of Pool Fencing

In reality, almost any kind of fence can be used to keep animals and younger children out of the area. But you want to make sure you have something that matches the home, both in design and material. Here are some ideas on what fences can work best around swimming pools:

Chain link fence: This type of fencing is commonly used as a pool fence because of its affordability and durability. These are functional and simple, and able to withstand plenty of exposure to water. And they allow you to see the pool anywhere in and outside of your home.

Want to add a little color? There are chain link slats that can be slid into the fencing for a little extra color. You may even consider hanging smaller flowerpots to give the fencing a little more life. These fences are also easy to hang skimmers, vacuum hoses, and other accessories commonly used around the pool.

Wood fence: This is simple, classic, and affordable. It adds definition, privacy, and height around the pool without blocking too much of the view. Cedar fencing is made to stand up to the Pacific Northwest weather, but a little bit of maintenance will extend the life of a wooden fence. A sealant will help protect the wood should chlorinated water get splashed onto it.

Bar-style fencing: Although these fences can be made with almost any material (aluminum, steel, vinyl, etc.), wrought iron fencing is the most popular. Strong, durable, and highly customizable, bar-style fences can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Glass fencing: Glass panel fences are commonly used for a high-end aesthetic. They can be frameless with a few metal components to keep the panels together, or they can have full metal frames for enhanced sturdiness.

When it comes to pool fences, there are many materials, designs, and costs per linear foot. Not sure which one is right for your space? Our design team at Pacific Fence & Wire can help you decide the perfect pool fence for the area and your house.

Ready to get your fencing project started? Our experienced team will get your fence installed accurately and efficiently so you can continue to enjoy your pool during the rest of the summer. Contact us today for options and a free quote!