Ideas for Fencing Around House

Transforming Your Home: Fencing Ideas for Around the House Are you a homeowner pondering the idea of adding a fence to your property but feeling overwhelmed by the myriad options available? You're not alone! Choosing the right fence design for your house can be a daunting task. But fear not—we're here to guide you through the process, give you ideas for fencing around the house, and alleviate any concerns you may have. Fencing Ideas for…

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Rot Board Fence

If you are looking to prolong the life of your fence, installing a rot board is a must-do. Debris, dirt, grass, rodents, and other outside elements could cause damage to the fence – especially at the bottom of the fence where it is exposed. What is a rot board? A rot board is a pressure-treated piece of lumber that is installed horizontally along the bottom part of your fence. It can be placed inside or…

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Swimming pool fence ideas

There is nothing more refreshing than a swim in a comfortably cool pool on a hot day. Pools are a wonderful addition to your backyard. It is not only fun and relaxing for you, but it can serve as a gathering place for friends, neighbors, and other family members. While it needs to be functional and clean, the area needs to be safe, first and foremost. With young children or those that don’t know how…

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Can Cats Climb Chain Link Fences?

Your cat is a part of your family, so ensuring that it is kept safe and contained is important. Unfortunately, cats can be little magicians when it comes to escaping. They will squeeze out of small areas and use their claws to shimmy up fences and trees to go and explore the world. If you have a chain link fence, your cat will likely use it to get out. Consider the links little ladders for…

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Dog Fencing Solutions

Is there such a thing as dog-proof landscaping? A picture-perfect lawn may not be attainable with an energetic dog on the loose. But a safe yard – one that’s comfortable for both human and canine family members – is possible. A fenced-in yard is the perfect place for your best friend to romp and relax. Check out our list of fence types for dogs. Once your pet is contained with the right fence, there are…

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Staining Fence

Treating an old wood fence with a protective stain will not only keep your fence looking great, it will protect it from the elements. There are several ways to stain a wood fence including a paint brush, roller or paint sprayer. For larger projects, it may be worth the money to invest in a quality sprayer, as it will make the job go much faster.  For smaller projects, staining a wood fence with a simple…

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What’s the Best Fence for Dogs?

Updated November 2017

If you’re like many dog owners, you’re concerned with both ensuring your pup gets all the exercise he needs as well as keeping him safe when he’s outside. Luckily you can do both if you’ve got a yard where you can build a dog run fence—but you should give careful thought as to what kind of fence for dogs you should use. So what’s the best fence for dogs? Take a look below for popular types of fencing for dogs so that your furry friend stays where he should and doesn’t go wandering off. (more…)

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How to Clean a Fence with your own Cleaner Solution

If you are going to re-stain your fence or deck you need to make sure you properly clean the surface area prior to applying the new stain.  Properly cleaning the material ensures that the stain you apply will adhere properly and last longer.  Proper cleaning of the wood will also bring the fence back to life and make it look newer.  Over time, dirt, mold, moss, grease and other materials can adhere to the fence…

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