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Essential Chain Link Fence Materials


Different Parts of a Chain Link FenceA chain link fence is a great way to keep your home safe and increase its value. These fences are easy for experienced DIYers to install. Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to complete construction in a couple of days. Keep in mind that those two days have to be spread out. You’ll need to allow curing time for the cement that anchors the fence posts.

Not everyone wants to spend time building a fence. If you just want a finished fence without the hassle of construction, contact us. We’ll give you an estimate and build your fence.

If you decide to build yourself, read our blog post to learn how it’s done. Pacific Fence carries all the supplies you’ll need, and our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get your essential chain link fence materials.

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Types of Fence Posts

custom wood fence with different types of fence postsNo matter what type of fence you’re building, it’s going to require a different types of fence posts. The types you use can depend on the fence configuration you want, the addition of a gate and the terrain the fence is being built upon. The trick is knowing exactly which types of fence posts to use when building your fence. Posts are the backbone of all fences, whether they be vinyl, wood, chain link or ornamental fences. If you’re installing a fence for your Portland-area home or business, you’ll need a variety of fence posts.

Types of Fence Posts for Wood and Ornamental Fences

Not every project or fencing company will use all these types of posts. The variations are most important to recognize if you’re using posts with predrilled holes. For example, vinyl and split rail posts often come ready for assembly.

Line Posts

Line posts have holes on either side. In the case of a split rail style fence, the hole may run all the way through. Line posts connect straight sections of fencing. The number required to complete the fence depends on the number of sections in a straight line. You can use these posts for slight angles, but you may need to make the holes larger.

End Posts

End posts mark the end of the line. These posts have holes on one side only, where a rail will slide in. The fence extends from the side with the predrilled holes.

Corner Posts

Use corner posts to join sections at 90-degree angles. The holes will be drilled to make a corner. As with line posts, these pieces allow for some flexibility. If the angle of the turn is between 45 and 90 degrees, make the holes larger.

Blank Posts

These can be customized for various uses because they don’t have predrilled holes. They are sometimes used to attach gates.

Types of Posts for when Building a GateCustom Fence and Gate with different types of fence posts

Gate Posts

You can use a blank, end, line or corner post for a gate depending on the configuration of your fence. You’ll need at least two gate posts, one for the hinge and one for the latch. Choose a size that will support the weight of the gate even if it means installing one that’s larger than the rest of the posts.

Hinge Posts

A hinge post is the post from which a gate will swing. These posts need to support both weight and movement. If you have a dual gate, you’ll need two hinge posts.

Latch Posts

This is the post that holds the fastener. Double gates don’t need one of these because the two sides lock to one another. A latch post doesn’t support the weight of a fence. It can be a line, end, corner or blank post.

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Complete Fall Fence Maintenance Now

Fall weather is the favorite of many people. Children’s cheeks turn pink in the cold air. Trees put on a brief but fiery display. People make the most of long, dark evenings by sipping hot beverages by the fireplace.

Even seasonal chores such as preparing your yard for winter have a pleasant, familiar feel. As you tidy the garden, don’t forget to give its perimeter a little love. A fence is a frame. A well-maintained border makes what lies within look better.

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Compare Chain Link, Wood and Vinyl Fences

Chain link, wood and vinyl are three of the most popular materials for fences. These three types of fences are great for both residential and commercial properties. Each of the materials makes a fence that’s durable and good looking. Each type will provide security. So which should you choose? Before you decide, consider the differing strengths of chain link, wood and vinyl fencing.

Compare chain link wood and vinyl fences. A vinyl fence surrounds a swimming pool.