Compare Chain Link, Wood and Vinyl Fences

Chain link, wood and vinyl are three of the most popular materials for fences. These three types of fences are great for both residential and commercial properties. Each of the materials makes a fence that’s durable and good looking. Each type will provide security. So which should you choose? Before you decide, consider the differing strengths of chain link, wood and vinyl fencing.

Compare chain link wood and vinyl fences. A vinyl fence surrounds a swimming pool.


How to Install a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence is straightforward to construct. It requires basic tools and intermediate skills. Building a fence for a standard-sized yard takes at least two days spaced about a week apart. The work will proceed more quickly if you enlist a partner for the project.

How to install a chain link fence.


How to Stain a Fence

Reignite the glow of cedar boards by learning how to stain a fence. Refreshing a fence with stain is easy. It requires just two basic steps: cleaning and staining.

Stain a fence to protect the wood from rot.

Wood stain comes in various hues and opacities. All protect wood from the elements while allowing the wood’s natural grain to show through.


How to Design the Perfect Privacy Fence

Do you need more privacy in your yard? Installing a privacy fence is the usual way of guarding a yard against unwanted attention. Not all fences are created equal when it comes to cutting off the gaze of people on the street or next door.

privacy fence

A lattice-topped cedar fence provides privacy and style.