How to Build A Garden Fence

This time of year, you might be getting your garden tilled, planted, and ready to go for the season. After the time and energy you spend prepping the area, you want everything to grow successfully so you can reap the rewards. One of the best ways to make this happen is by building a garden fence. Does my garden need a fence? Garden fences add a measure of security, keeping larger critters out of the…

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Split-Rail Fence in Portland, Oregon — and Abraham Lincoln in Illinois

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A split-rail fence is an absolutely stunning addition to any property. If you’re seeking advice on a split-rail fence in Portland, Oregon, then contact Pacific Fence & Wire. We’ve been in business for almost a century, and we can help you make the best fencing decision for you, your family, and your property. Our expert and friendly staff can assist you with most types of fencing in addition to fence fittings, gates, pipes, and other…

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Employee Appreciation Day

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On September 20th Pacific Fence ownership and management held an employee appreciation BBQ to express gratitude to all the employees that keep this place running.  We enjoyed a catered lunch by Slick's BBQ and received a surprise early day off. Thank you to All our Employees for your hard work and dedication to making us the BEST fence company on the west coast.

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Difference Between a Cantilever Gate and a Sliding Gate

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(Updated Sept. 4, 2020) Just as a square is a special kind of rectangle, a cantilever gate is a unique type of sliding gate. However, it differs from a typical gate with wheels in a few distinctive and interesting ways. We go over some of the differences below. In the meantime, if you have questions about gate frames, swing gates, rolling gates (and/or gate rollers), groove wheels, stainless steel gates, cantilever rollers, double tracks, guide…

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Recycle old Wooden Fence Material

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When the time comes to replace your old wooden fence most homeowners have it hauled away, take it to the dump or burn it.  Before you go throwing away all of your old fencing material consider these options to recycle intact material and use it around the house. Here is a short list of ideas on what you can make out of your old wooden fence: Vintage looking planter boxes Birdhouses, bird feeders or  squirrel…

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