20 Ways to Repurpose Bicycles into Fences

In Portland there are two things people love dearly: Bicycles and Recycling. So what happens when these two worlds collide? Check out the 20 photos below of bicycles magically repurposed into fences and gates. These bike fences are both creative and ingenious ways to put an old bicycle back to good use.

bike-gate bikes-framed-in-frame bikes-in-a-field-fence bikes-on-wall bike-wheel-fence bike-wheels-short-fence bike-whels-garden-fence fence-posts-and-bikes GE DIGITAL CAMERA green-bike-fence hanging-bikes lots-of-black-bikes-fence low-bike-fence purple-bike-wheels-fence red-bike-fence small-bikes-fence tendem-bike-gate bicycle-gate-red bike-frames-in-fence bike-frames-only-fence

Do you have a bike fence of your own? Send us your picture and we will include it in our list.

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