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A Look at Snow Shovels

In the Northwest we get snow a few times each year and some years worse than others. Snow is such a rare occurrence here that most of us don’t have the same type of equipment as those who live where it snows several months out of the year. If you are looking to buy a… Read more »

Wooden Fence Installation at its best!

Pacific Fence has been serving the Northwest for over 90 years now and with all that experience building fences we have become quite the experts on the subject.  One of our favorite types of fences to build is wooden fences and we are able to customize them to most specifications. We have done some amazing… Read more »

Farm and Rural Fencing Specialists

At Pacific Fence and Wire Co. we work well beyond the bounds of the Portland Metropolitan area and have an extensive amount of experience on rural fence installations. Our clients range from large farms and ranches to smaller properties with a few livestock.  We can match the current look of your property and seamlessly add… Read more »

Guide to Hiring a Contractor

Looking to hire a contractor but not sure how to find a good one through all the bad ones? If you watch any home improvement shows you most likely have heard many horror stories about bad contractors.  The key to making sure this does not happen to your is to do your homework before hiring… Read more »

Save Money on Water: How to make a Rain Barrel

Here in the Northwest rain is something we rarely have a shortage of.  Even during the warm summer months we often will get some rain at least once every two weeks or so.  Something that is becoming more and more common are rain barrels.  Rain barrels are a water collection system that are typically hooked… Read more »