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How to Replace a Wooden Fence Panel

For those of you looking for an overview of how to replace a wooden fence panel, we’ve provided a broad outline below.

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  • Pressure-treated lumber fences
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  • Vinyl fences
  • Maintaining the level of your bottom rail
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Until then, on with the wooden fence panel replacement show!

Wooden Fence Panel Replacement

Wooden fence panels may need to be replaced for a variety of reasons. They may have been damaged by neglect, insects, or by the front fender of a wayward automobile.

A particularly strong winter storm may have cracked, bent or otherwise destroyed one or more wooden fence panels. Or the passage of time and many seasons of wind and rain may have caused a panel or panels to rot.

How do you know it you need to replace a fence panel? The wood may appear discolored. It may also have more obvious damages, such as splintering or warping.

If you can poke the wood with a screwdriver and the wood pushes in, then you may have rotten wood beneath the surface. Time to replace the panel!

Maintenance, Repair, Replacement

If you have a wooden fence, no matter the type of wood, you’ll probably be faced with the task of fence repairing at some point.

The steps involved in replacing panels on wood fences are fairly straightforward. The actions required within each individual step, however, do require at least a basic familiarity with carpentry, wood and home handiwork.

If you have any questions whatsoever, including about which important tools to use in each step, please contact an expert.

  • Check your posts. It doesn’t make sense to replace a single wooden fence panel if the posts to which it is attached are compromised. A single damaged post can ruin an entire fence line. Be sure to double check that the fence’s posts are secure and level before beginning work on any individual panel. Fix or reinforce a damaged post before starting to repair or replace a panel.
  • Pry the damaged panel(s) out of the fence. Remove any nails or screws still attached to the post.
  • Measure the replacement panels for size and fit, if you haven’t already done so.
  • Drill holes. With the replacement panel held in position (you probably need an assistant for this portion), drill four holes at the spots where the panel will be fastened to the posts or beams.
  • Mount your panel!

There’s your simple overview of the process of replacing a wooden fence panel. For the details, or to learn about additional options for fencing your property, call Pacific Fence & Wire today.