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5 Reasons for Winter Fence Replacement

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It’s a myth that any type of fence repair or fence installation should be saved for warm weather. In reality, fences can be replaced any time of year, and sometimes winter is a better option. Consider the following reasons to replace your fence this chilly season.

1. More Time

Fence installers like us are usually less busy during the winter season. This means we’ll have more time to dedicate to you. Although we always provide high-quality, thorough installations, winter offers more ease of scheduling due to a reduced workload. You often won’t have to wait long for estimates and for our crew to begin work on your property.

2. Better Prices

Fence savings work like any other retail industry. Making purchases during the off-season is often cheaper. Since there is less of a demand for fence installation in winter, the cost of materials is generally less during this time. We can often get what we need at reduced prices, and this, in turn, saves you money.

3. Fence Repair

Harsh winter weather can take a toll on an existing fence. If a fence is already damaged when a storm comes in, letting it sit unrepaired can sometimes cause further damage. Additionally, cold, damp and rainy weather in and of itself can sometimes damage a fence. When you replace or repair a fence in winter, it’ll help ensure that your installation is long-lasting and secure.

4. Fewer Interruptions

Families generally spend a great deal of time outdoors when the weather is nice. While installers are respectful of the clients they serve, when clients use the space during the installation, it can slow down the process. In the winter months, you and your family will most likely be indoors, so our team is less likely to disrupt your outdoor activities.

5. Ready for Spring

Many homeowners and property owners wait until spring to replace their fences. Because of this, contractors are the busiest during this time of year. When you replace your fence in winter, you successfully beat the spring rush. Others will be busy securing fence installation along with the masses, but your project will already be complete, and you can enjoy your yard instead.

Fences can be replaced year round, but getting the installation or repair done in winter does have its benefits. For those in the Pacific Northwest, winter can be a dreary season, and a new fence may be the last thing on your mind. However, when spring comes, with its sunshine and blue skies, you’ll be glad to have everything already in place.

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