Best Types of Fencing for Horses

horseOwning or boarding horses requires planning, space, and a firm commitment. When it comes to fencing, there are several factors to be considered, including terrain, budget, maintenance, and appeal. At Pacific Fence & Wire Co., we encourage horse owners to do their research to ensure that their equestrian fencing is built with the right materials and to the proper height. Here are our suggestions for the best fencing options for horses.


Wood is a durable, classic, and long-lasting option for agricultural properties. Posts and rails made from this material can be stained, painted, and customized to your preferences. Keep in mind, however, that wood deteriorates over time and under constant exposure to the elements. To extend the life of a wood fence, use a quality paint or stain. Furthermore, expect some regular maintenance.


If you’re after a clean look with long-lasting durability, consider installing a vinyl fence. This option doesn’t require as much maintenance as wood. Nonetheless, you still have a lot of room for customization. Many ranchers even choose to supplement vinyl with an interior electric barrier to provide increased security for curious horses.


High-strength galvanized wire works great for large and small enclosures like corrals and feeding areas. It’s durable, weather resistant, and visually subtle. Here are the three most popular variations:

  •         Woven wire: This inexpensive option is easy to install on both flat and hilly terrain and lacks sharp edges, a feature that minimizes injury to your livestock. In an effort to increase visibility, many ranchers choose to include a top board on these types of wire enclosures. This prevents your horses from leaning too much on the fence.
  •         V-mesh: One of the safest methods for enclosing horses, v-mesh incorporates a diamond pattern that keeps your animals in and other animals out. This type is often called a “no climb” fence due to the smaller spaces in between the wires.
  •         Smooth wire: This versatile choice contains your horses with sleek, unintrusive wires. However, smooth wire is also one of the most difficult fencing styles for horses to see. Therefore, you may want to run white poly tape between your posts to give your animals a reference and avoid unnecessary damage.

Fencing is one of the most important elements of any equestrian farm. At Pacific Fence & Wire Co., we specialize in rural solutions and are happy to answer any questions you may have or customize an option to suit your specific needs. Give us a call!


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