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Choose the Right Gate for Your Fence

Looking for a new fence gate? A gate can make or break the usefulness of a fence. Whether you’re installing a gate in a new or in an existing fence, you’ll want an opening that’s easy to use, durable and good looking.

Pacific Fence & Wire has a great selection of gates. We’ll help you pick out the right one for your residential or commercial property. Custom designs are also available. Here are a few of the gate designs we offer.

Chain link

Chain link fences and gates are the ultimate in practicality. You can choose a simple, affordable gate or a more decorative option. Some fences require more than one gate. For instance, your backyard fence may need both a walk-through gate and a driveway gate. You can choose from swinging, sliding and cantilevered. We can fit any gate you choose with a sturdy lock. Because we weave our own chain link and have an on-site specialty gate shop, we can design a fence that perfectly fits your needs.


Are you looking for the right finishing touch for your fence? Our designers are expert at building beautiful, functional gates. Even a simple chain link, wood or vinyl gate can be dressed up with a few special touches. Wrought iron is an eye-catching option for brick, decorative cement, wood or iron fences. From classic to modern, we’ll help you choose or design a stylish gate.


Do you need a secure driveway gate for your home or commercial lot? We can build gates to fit every need. We offer a number of designs that work with automatic openers. No room for a swinging gate? No problem! We can install a space-saving cantilevered or sliding gate that makes the most of a narrow driveway. A driveway gate can be built to match a wood, chain link or any other type of fence.


No matter what type of gate you choose, we can make it secure. We offer keyed knobs, deadbolts and a variety of gate locks. If you have a pool, a fence with a locking gate is essential. Our automatic gate openers come with state-of-the-art systems to keep your gate both safe and secure. Hassle-free vinyl, decorative iron, natural wood and durable chain link can all be fitted with locks and openers.

The professionals at Pacific Fence & Wire will install your residential or commercial gate, or supply you with the materials to do it yourself. Call us today to learn about our services and to get an estimate.