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Choose the Right Picket Fence for Your Home

Picket fences have been gracing American yards since Colonial times. The early fences were probably made from whatever wood was readily available. The open design stretched resources because the pickets alternated with open space. The slats only needed to be close enough to keep animals, and possibly kids, from getting in or out of a yard.

Picket fences have become a symbol of domestic happiness. Aside from symbolism, though, these classic fences are versatile and practical. A picket fence can be dressed up or down, made fancy or remain unadorned.

If you’re looking for a fence that doesn’t block the view, the open design and short height of a picket fence may be the answer. Before you decide on a style, consider the following variations on this popular theme.

Classic Good Looks

The familiar white, tapered pickets are what most people picture when they think of a picket fence. These fences can be made from any type of wood that accepts a painted finish. The top of the pickets may be pointed, squared off or curved. They can also be elaborate, with an almost fleur-de-lis style silhouette. A white fence looks clean and tidy next to a trimmed lawn or colorful annuals.

Rainbow Rails

Pickets look great when painted in bright colors.
Pickets can be dressed up with bright colors to suit your style.

Any fence that can be whitewashed can be painted in a bright hue. If white is too stark for your taste, consider a blue, red or yellow fence. A garden that explodes in color, with cascading spring blossoms, or vibrant fall foliage, may as well have an equally colorful fence. Your fence could be monotone or multicolored. Consider alternating colors on individual slats or fence sections.

Vinyl Collection

Do you want a fence that’s maintenance free? You can get the look of traditional white pickets without the repainting involved in maintaining a wood fence. Vinyl fences never need a new coat of paint, and they last longer than wood. Just like traditional wood slats, vinyl picket fences can be coordinated with options such as an arbor or trellis. Climbing roses, clematis and ivy look wonderful on a frame, but they can be hard on wood. With vinyl, you’ll have a longer lasting structure on which to train your plants.

Natural Appeal

Pickets come in shapes from pointed to curved.
Traditional pickets are pointed, but you can choose boards that are rounded or square.

If you favor a natural aesthetic, consider a picket fence made with cedar. Cedar is ideal for the rainy Pacific Northwest climate. Cedar repels burrowing insects and resists rot. While cedar fences are not generally painted, they can be stained or sealed. Untreated cedar will last for years, however, gaining character as it ages naturally.

Postscript Pickets

Posts, like pickets, come in a variety of styles. Choose a post design that matches both your house and your pickets. You can find simple, traditional, elegant and elaborately turned posts. A post can be capped with wood or cast iron.
Pacific Fence & Wire can help you make the right choice for your home. Custom styles are available, so don’t hesitate to ask if you have a certain look in mind. Contact us today for an estimate.