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Essential Chain Link Fence Materials

A chain link fence is a great way to keep your home safe and increase its value. These fences are easy for experienced DIYers to install. Depending on the size of your yard, you may be able to complete construction in a couple of days. Keep in mind that those two days have to be spread out. You’ll need to allow curing time for the cement that anchors the fence posts.

Not everyone wants to spend time building a fence. If you just want a finished fence without the hassle of construction, contact us. We’ll give you an estimate and build your fence.

If you decide to build yourself, read our blog post to learn how to install a chain link fence. Pacific Fence carries all the supplies you’ll need, and our knowledgeable staff will make sure you get your essential chain link fence materials.

Here’s what it takes to build the fence.

#1: Premixed cement:  
You’ll need to pour cement in the ground where the post holes are. When the cement dries, this will give the support Premixed cement for new fenceneeded to the line and corner posts that support the wire mesh in the fence.

#2: Corner posts:
These are also known as terminal posts and are installed at the corners of a fence. They are set into concrete so they are secure.

#3: Tie wires and line posts:
You’ll need to secure tie wires to the wire mesh and to the line posts in a chain link fence. These wires keep the wire mesh from pulling away from the line posts. Line posts are inserted into the ground about White cap on wood fence5-6 feet between corner posts and are set into concrete.

#4: Fence mesh and top rail:
Fence mesh is the main part of the fence. We weave the galvanized wire mesh at our Portland, Oregon area plant. Wire mesh is generally sold in rolls, so be sure to estimate how much you need before you start. The top rail of the fence is the railing along the top of the wire mesh.

#5: Tension wire and tension bands:
Tension wire is pulled through the wire mesh at ground level to keep it tight. The tension bands are used to connect the corner post and tension bar. Use these to increase the tension of the wire mesh and make it higher

#7: Rail caps:
These caps will keep the top rail connected to the corner posts. The rail cap connects to the top of the line post. It is then inserted to the top of the post itself. To install, the corner posts will have a ring that slides down onto the post and the cap is angled so the top rail can be inserted.

Contact our team to buy chain link fence materials or for a construction estimate.