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How to Design a Chain Link Security Fence

Nearly any type of sturdy fence can make a home or business safer. If keeping thieves, vandals and other wrongdoers off your property is a priority, a chain link fence is often the first choice.

The advantages of chain link are clear: it’s strong, affordable and versatile. Use chain link in conjunction with other security features such as cameras and motion detectors.

Adapt a chain link fence to the needs of your property. For instance, a standard height fence with a locking gate will deter thieves from slipping into your yard. This type of fence adds safety without detracting from the look of your home.

If your business has outdoor merchandise, you might want a taller fence. Other types of industrial or government facilities may need to build a fence with additional features to keep people and animals from entering.

Let’s consider some of the features that go into making a fence more secure.

How to Design a Chain Link Security Fence for a Home or Business

Many factors come into play when building a fence. Some neighborhoods have restrictions concerning fence height and materials. Some people want a fence to serve mainly as a deterrent. Others need a barrier that’s as impenetrable as possible. Here are some things to consider when designing a secure chain link fence.

Height: Tall fences are hard to scale. We can build a 14-foot-tall chain link fence. Even the tallest chain link fence leaves the view relatively open.

Top rail: You can replace the top rail with coil spring wire. This makes it much more difficult to get over the top of the fence.

Barbed wire: String strands of barbed across the top of the fence. The most secure fences often have wire on an arm angled outward.

Gates: A strong gate with a lock is essential for both residential and commercial fences.

Buried bottom: Bury chain link by as much as a foot to keep intruders from crawling under the fence.

Security systems: A chain link fence can easily accommodate add-on security cameras and sensors.

Color: Vinyl coating increases the visibility of a chain link, making the fence easier to monitor.

Double fence: A double row of fencing adds security. Ten to twenty feet between rows of chain link is a standard distance between fences and allows space for patrolling.

Signs: If you have a security system, be sure to post signs alerting everyone that your property is protected.

A fence is a vital part of a security system. Whether you want to keep out the neighbor’s dog, or you need to safeguard an area against a variety of uninvited visitors, there’s a chain link fence to fit your needs.

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