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Is it OK to Build a Fence in Fall or Winter?

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Fall and winter are ideal times to install fencing because you can bypass the seasons of higher demand and longer waits. The orders for fencing in Portland slows as the weather turns cold. We can more easily accommodate your schedule when you build between September and March.

Is It OK to Build a Fence in Fall or Winter?

Picture this: It’s April in Portland. After months of gray clouds and relentless rain, Oregon finally gets blue skies. Tiny green shoots push their heads through the dirt. Sun-starved Portlanders turn their faces to the sun and let the warmth soak in. All around you, spring is busting out.

You make trips to the garden center, selecting veggie starts, flower baskets and maybe a gnome or two. You plant the seedlings in the dirt, pausing to admire your work.

Deep satisfaction.

Then, one morning you look out the window. There’s a deer, or a rabbit, or the neighbor’s cat nibbling on your tender greens. No worries. You’ll build a fence. You’ve wanted one for years, and now the time is right.

You call your friendly, Portland-area fencing company (that’s us!). But, lots of other people have had the same idea. Everyone in the Pacific Northwest has spring fever. And they all want a fence to spruce up their yard.

Fencing companies get busy in spring and summer. They may be booked several weeks out. By the time your fence is in place, hungry critters will have had ample opportunities to lay waste to your garden.

Into Every Life, A Little Rain Must Fall

Drizzle won’t keep us from working, but extreme weather can cause delays. Since we need to dig post holes and pour cement, rain can interfere with our work.

If it’s too wet for construction, we’ll let you know. Oregon’s mild weather won’t hamper us for too long. We can install the following types of fences in winter: vinyl fences, wood fences, ornamental iron fences and chain link fences.

Reasons to Build During Cold Weather

What are some other advantages of building during the off season? Here are a few:

  • Enjoy privacy while trees and shrubs are bare during winter.
  • Avoid interfering with outdoor summer fun.
  • Your yard will be ready long before spring planting.
  • Decorate your new structure with holiday lights.
  • While kids and pets play in a safely fenced-in yard, you stay warm and dry.
  • An old, rickety fence might not survive a brisk wind. Install a new one before the season’s first big storm.

Are you ready to install a fence? Contact Pacific Fence & Wire. We have the expertise and materials to build a beautiful fence.