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What Type of Fence Should I Choose for My Pool?

Having a pool on your property is undoubtedly an enviable luxury — yet there are one or two issues, namely safety and privacy. A fence can solve both those issues — but which fence should you choose for your pool? It depends on where your priorities lie. Read on to learn more.

Wooden fence with swimming pool background

If your priority is aesthetics: For homeowners who want their pool fence to look as good as the pool itself, ornamental fencing may be the answer. Also known as wrought iron or decorative fencing, ornamental fencing lends a timeless look to your property and pool as well as improves airflow for those hot summer days when you could really use a breeze while you’re lounging by the pool. If you have toddlers or small pets, this may not be the fence for you though, as the gaps between the pickets may be large enough for a small child or furry friend to squeeze through. If you have minimal safety concerns, however, consider this classic, extremely long-lasting choice for your property’s pool.

If your priority is safety: For homeowners who have children and/or pets, tall vinyl fencing is a great choice for pool safety. Not only does it fully protect the pool area (as long as it has a locking gate), it is also incredibly low-maintenance. It can be frustrating when your beautiful new fence gets muddy from pawprints or colored on by aspiring toddler artists — however, when you’ve got a vinyl pool fence, cleaning is as simple as washing the surface with soap and rinsing it off. Vinyl fencing is also incredibly durable — no matter how many times Fido jumps on your vinyl fence, it’ll stay put and stay strong.

If your priority is privacy: For homeowners who value their privacy but also want an aesthetically pleasing pool fence, there’s no better choice than a wooden privacy fence. There are so many stylistic choices available that you can find the perfect wooden privacy fence for your home — given enough time to choose. Not only are wooden privacy fences effective and appealing, you can even have your fence custom-designed to suit your tastes and needs impeccably.

Since it may take you a bit of time to choose the perfect fence out of the wide array available, it’s smart to start now in the spring so that when summer comes, you and your entire household can enjoy your pool exactly how you want to — stylishly and safely. Call Pacific Fence & Wire today at  (503)659-6881 to find out what we can do to make your pool safer, more private, and better-looking.