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Do I need a fence around my swimming pool?

A pool is a fantastic addition to your Pacific Northwest backyard – there’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip into a cool pool on a hot day! While your pool needs to be kept clean, there are also some important safety features to it that need to be considered, including access to the pool area.

Fences not only create a barrier for protection and safety but also add to the overall aesthetics of the area. When done right, it can add a new dimension to your entire backyard. There might also be provisions from insurance companies that require you to install a pool deck fence.

Here are some important things to think about when considering adding a fence around your swimming pool.

Know if you need one

If you have an in-ground swimming pool, it should always be enclosed by a fence. Above-ground pool installations may also need fencing, depending on how deep the water is. If you have an outdoor spa or hot tub, they will also need to be protected with fencing.

Safety should always be your priority when it comes to water – so no matter what type of pool you have, it is important to budget for a fence installation as well. Pacific Fence & Wire will design a pool fence that not only keeps your family safe but looks great, too.

Know the styles

There are a variety of swimming pool fence options out there. Chain link fencing is one of the most used pool fences because of its durability and affordability. They are functional and simple and can withstand lots of water exposure. Mesh pool fencing at the top of the pool is great for keeping toddlers out but also easy to put away.

Wood is another classic option that adds definition, privacy, and height and is ideal for residential pool purposes. Glass panel fences are also a great option. These are usually used in more high-end spaces and can come in frameless options or with metal components to ensure the panels are locked together.

Keep height in mind

For safety reasons, pool fences need to be at least four feet high to meet the building code. This creates an extra layer of protection, ensuring that animals and small children are kept away from the pool. In addition to fencing, make sure you have a pool cover in use to ensure small children, pets, debris, or other material do not fall into it.

Overall safety if your pool

The Consumer Products and Safety Commission has compiled a list of simple steps to keep you and your family safe around your swimming pool. In addition to a fence that’s four feet in height, make sure you install a self-latching gate so you don’t accidentally leave open access to your inground pool.

Make sure your pool has compliant drain covers and keep your pool or spa covers in good working condition. Ensure life-saving equipment is available at all times, including flotation devices or reaching poles. Pool owners may even want to consider installing a fence and gate alarm around the pool.

If you have questions about pool fencing options, our team at Pacific Fence & Wire can help! We have the experience you need to get your fence installed quickly and accurately. We can provide a variety of fence material options for you that work with your budget, so contact us today to get started!