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Installing Outdoor Safety Railings

When it comes to installing outdoor safety railings, there are a fair amount of questions to consider. First, who will be using this railing? Is the railing around the edge of a small pond, or accompanying a winding set of stairs? Another factor to consider before installing safety railings is the local codes and ordinances in effect for the area. While many railing code laws are fairly logical, it can be hard to sort through the many pages of structural codes and ordinances to find out if a railing should be 34” or 38” high. The answer is either height, of course, depending on the slope of the staircase, but these technical questions are critical to getting right so that installation can be done right the first time.

Installation process for safety railings

When it comes time to install outdoor safety railings, proper safety measures are key to make sure that nothing goes wrong. In the case of an elevated installation, the safety of the fencing contractors is the number one priority when installing the railing itself. In some cases, fall precautions can be placed around the building so that if an accident does happen, the fall is not too severe or is prevented altogether, such as installing temporary scaffolding so that the edge of the roof is extended to prevent slips near the edge of the roof.

Another way to prevent slippage is to install a temporary anchor point. This point acts as a tether for the workers so they do not fall off the edge of the building while working on installing safety railings. After all, while the safety railing will prevent falls in the future, having a worker fall during the installation defeats the purpose of the rail itself.

Installing safety railings and handrails Portland, Oregon

When it comes to installing outdoor safety rails, safety and caution are key. While the actual installation process varies from rail type to rail type, making sure to follow code and safety laws is key to making sure your installation goes smoothly. Hiring a fencing contractor to is key to the success of your project. If you are looking to have handrails installed in Portland, Oregon, contact Pacific Fence & Wire. We’d be happy to help you get started on your project, and make sure your handrail installation goes as smoothly as possible.