Simple Tips for Extending the Life of your Wooden Fence

Dog Proof Wooden Fence Pacific Fence in Portland ORKeeping a wooden fence in top shape is important when it comes to extending the life of your fence.  Unfortunately, many fences will have a shortened life span because they were neglected and not taken care of in a proper manner.  There are a number of things you can do to keep your wooden fence from rotting and all it takes is a few materials, some time and a bit of elbow grease.

For starters, make sure your fence in professionally installed.  In addition to the items we are going to discuss it would be a good idea to ask your contractor for suggestions on how to take care of the fence.  Many contractors will include a post sealant/preservative with the fence installation.

Once your fence is installed you will need to decide if you want to paint it or stain it.  This is important step in ensuring your fence lasts and putting it off can create rot so don’t wait to do this.  Make sure to research different paints or stains and make sure they are rated for outdoor use.

Depending on the type of paint or seal you use you will need to reapply a coat to your fence every 3-5 years or sooner if you live in a particularly wet area.  This is a good time to check for rotting areas and treat them as soon as possible.

If you do find rotting areas you can treat them to prevent further rotting.  Check for chipped and peeling paint areas.  Also look for mossy or areas that may have been effected by insects. You will want to scrape off any loose or peeling paint and remove all moss on the fence.  Scrape these areas clean until you can see the wood again.  You can treat the damaged area with a product called copper green if you are going to paint over it.  You may want to test the copper green in an area that cannot be seen as it tends to put a dark spot on the wood and should not be used if you are using a clear wood stain.  This can help prevent further rot in the effected area.

Keeping your fence clean from moss and debris is a good idea and it is important to reapply a coat of paint or stain preservative every few years.   For more information on fence maintenence or for professional assistance visit our website at .

Preparing Your Fence and Yard For Winter

Preparing your yard for the winter elements can be a daunting task, especially if you live in an area with extreme weather.  It is important to take preventative measures in order to protect your investments especially if you have a large fence enclosure in your yard.

If you have an old fence it is a good idea to check how stable it is and make sure it has not weakened due to rotting.  Give it a good shake and get a feel for how it will stand up to a strong wind storm.  If you find that your fence is weak it may be a good time to either re-enforce it with additional posts and rails or to invest in a new fence altogether.  There is nothing worse than waking up in the morning after a strong winter storm to find that the dog is gone and your fence is blown over.

You will also want to check for aerial hazards hanging over your fence.  Are there any trees that could be a potential threat to your fence?  How about loose limbs and branches?  We have all seen the news stories showing a residence after a strong wind storm with a destroyed yard because a hazardous tree branch came toppling down.  Now is the time to take care of those threats before they damage your property.  Remove loose tree limbs and check the ground for over saturation near the base of leaning trees.  Call a professional if you are unsure about the condition of a tree or overhanging branch.

Should you have overlooked something and you fall victim to mother nature in the middle of the winter its time to call for help.  At Pacific Fence we have crews ready to assist you during your emergency and would be happy to assist you – even during a rain storm!   Call us today or jot down our contact information for future reference.  It’s always good to have someone on your side!