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How to Build a Chain Link Dog Kennel

A chain link dog kennel can keep a dog safe and under control. If your yard doesn’t have a dog-safe fence, a kennel provides a place for your dog to satisfy its need for fresh air and activity.

 Even if your property is fenced, there are situations when a kennel is needed. For instance, many dogs can easily leap, scramble over or tunnel under a standard residential fence.

It’s never OK to let a dog languish in a kennel. But when built to meet a dog’s needs, a kennel can be a great way to give your dog access to exercise while you’re busy elsewhere.

Elements of a Well-Designed Chain Link Dog Kennel

A kennel should be stable, roomy and provide shelter from weather. Your dog doesn’t care what its kennel looks like, but for its human friends, it’s nice if the pen looks good. To satisfy both humans and canines, take time to think through the design of the kennel.

Here are the essentials to consider when planning your pet’s outdoor living room.

Fencing Materials
Chain link comes in a variety of heights. Four feet is the minimum height even if your dog is small. If your dog digs, plan to bury the fence at least a foot deep.

To keep wildlife or other unwelcome guests out, consider installing a roof. Chain link or another type of wire can span the top of the pen. You’ll also need a gate with a dog-proof latch or lock.

Room to Run
Size is determined by your space and the size and habits of your dog. A dachshund needs less room than a German shepherd. But every dog needs space to run around, especially if it will spend a lot of time in the kennel.

Paw-Friendly Flooring
Choose a material that’s easy on paws and has good drainage. Concrete, while easy to clean, is hard on a dog’s paws. Pea gravel, flagstones, wood chips or other dog-safe natural materials are best.

If the kennel is large, grass is ideal. You may need to try a few different materials before settling on one that’s comfortable for a dog and easy for you to clean.

Whatever material you use, establish good drainage. A sand base of 6 inches will prevent water from collecting in the kennel. You can place a landscaping fabric on top of the sand, then pile on the surface material.

Gimme Shelter
Dogs need shade from the sun and cover from wind and rain. If the kennel has a chain link roof, attach shade cloth or slats on one section. If your dog barks at passersby, install privacy slats on the street-facing side of the yard. Slats can also block wind.

For more protection from the elements, consider a doghouse. Place the doghouse outside the kennel with an opening leading directly into the canine bedroom. If you place the doghouse inside the kennel, be aware that your pooch may use the house as a stepladder to get over the top of the fence.

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