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Using Lattice Around Your House

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If you are like most people, the exterior of your home isn’t aesthetically friendly all the way around.  Maybe you have a deck that you use the underside for storage or have a firewood pile that is an eye soar.  There are a couple of options to take care of these areas, one of them being to build a fence around them and block the view.  However building a fence may not always be the best solution.

Consider using lattice around your home as an alterative to fencing in certain areas.  For example, if you have  deck that you tend to store items underneath but it is an eyesoar, trying putting up some lattice.  You will find that not only does it cover up the mess under the deck, but it can add to the appeal of the home.

Lattice can also be used as a shade option for a gazebo or on a deck.  Simply build a frame and install the lattice on the top side of the frame.  The nice thing about using lattice for shade is that it is cheaper than building a roof and allows some sunlight through so the area is not completely shaded.  Lattice is also nice because it is slotted so wind can easily pass through it during storms decreasing the chances of a blow-over.

Lattice Wood Gazebo RoofLattice should not be used as a full alternative to a fence.  Lattice is not very durable and will do a poor job of keep out unwanted visitors.  It is also see through, so if privacy is an issue you may want to see if you can find an alternative such as a cedar fence, vinyl fence or slatted chain link fence.

Overall lattice is a great choice when you need to cover exposed areas around your home but don’t want to spend a fortune.  It is both functional and visually appealing.