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How to Get Your Pool Fence Ready for Summer

Summer will be here before you know it. Plan ahead and get your pool ready now to enjoy throughout the season. When you’re cleaning your pool and getting it set for summer fun, don’t forget to check your pool fence.

A fence is a vital component of pool safety and cleanliness. Make sure your fence is safe and meets appropriate safety standards.

Here are some tips:

Beautiful brown fence around a well-kept pool

Tip #1: Ensure all the gates are in working order.

Before you open your pool in the summer, be sure that all of the gates around it open, close and latch properly. Pool fence gates are required to latch and lock to prevent animals and people from getting in. Safety is paramount, particularly if you have children that frequent the area. The fence must be childproof, meaning kids should not be able to open and close the gate without help.

Tip #2: Check railing gaps and measure the height of the fence.

Most pool fences have vertical or horizontal railings. If you have horizontal railings, make sure they are no more than 45 inches apart when measured from the top of each rail. The proper spacing of rails is regulated. Also, check the building codes for your area regarding rules for barrier fence height. A tall fence discourages animals and people from climbing over your fence.

Tip #3: Make sure it’s structurally sound.

Walk around the fence and make sure you look closely for any holes, dry rot, or other weak spots that could threaten the structure of your fence. If repairs are needed, contact a fence professional or take care of it yourself if you’re handy. If the fence is not sound, it could collapse and cause a larger, more expensive repair later down the road.

Tip #4: Check city permit pages.

If you have questions about building codes, check out local permit pages for all relevant information. Keeping your fence up to code prevents accidents and gives you peace of mind.

Your pool is a wonderful addition to your home and will add value and entertainment to the yard for years to come. Having a quality fence is an important part of having a pool and will provide enhanced safety. If you need a new fence, we’ll design one that fits your needs and budget.

Whether it’s wood, vinyl or chain link fencing that you prefer, the team at Pacific Fence & Wire Co. can build a safe, functional and attractive fence. Contact us today!