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Can Cats Climb Chain Link Fences?

Your cat is a part of your family, so ensuring that it is kept safe and contained is important. Unfortunately, cats can be little magicians when it comes to escaping. They will squeeze out of small areas and use their claws to shimmy up fences and trees to go and explore the world.

If you have a chain-link fence, your cat will likely use it to get out. Consider the links little ladders for their little paws. Although they may be unsure at first, your cat can eventually learn how to climb it. If your cat is so inclined that is.

So the question shouldn’t be can they climb chain link fences (they can), but rather how to keep them from doing so. Something to keep in mind: cats can be incredible leapers. If your fence is small or decorative, they may be able to just hop on over.

How to Keep a Cat From Climbing a Chain Link Fence

There are several products on the market to keep your favorite four-legged feline in your yard. These cat fence systems can be hidden from view, attached to the top of an existing fence, or as stand-alone products. They come in a range of prices and installation difficulty.

In some cases, cat owners have built entire pens for their cats so they can get outside once in a while. We’re guessing that’s a little bit more time and effort you’re willing to spend, however. Here are some helpful tips on how to keep your cat inside of your chain link fence.

#1: Remove surrounding objects
If you’re able to do this, it’s probably the easiest solution. As we said before, cats are good jumpers, so why give them an elevated platform to make it easier? They’ll use trees, boxes, storage containers, or other objects to get up and over the fence.

If removing trees from the property isn’t an option, look into placing tree guards with metal or plastic around the trees. By removing avenues the cats use to get a height advantage, they’ll become discouraged at some point. Or simply look for new escape routes.

#2: Consider fence extensions
This is a simple solution to keeping kitties contained. These are installed onto your existing chain link fence. They attach horizontally, so cats can’t climb over the fence. Imagine if the top few feet of your fence were bent at a 45-degree angle back towards the yard.

While cats are adept climbers, they won’t like the feeling of hanging upside down as they make their way up. Some of these extensions also curve at the top like a candy cane. This may also deter your favorite squirrels from invading the yard, too.

#3: Rolling systems
There are rolling options that use metal pipes or PVC pipes that can prevent cats from grabbing the top of the fence to jump over it. By attaching to existing fences, the cats make their way up the fence only to find there’s no “paw hold” at the top.

It just spins and spins whenever pressure is applied. It’s important you follow all manufacturers’ instructions when installing the device to the top of the fence to prevent cats from sneaking their way underneath. Also, if too much weight is applied, the contraption could come falling down on the cat if improperly installed.

#4: Chicken Wire
If there’s one thing cats hate more than being fed the wrong food it’s walking on chicken wire. Although this may affect how you mow the grass near the fence, laying down the deterrent will keep the cats from getting close enough to start their ascent.

#5 Invisible Fencing
Although it requires electricity, invisible fencing will keep your cat from ever getting too close to the fence. Often used in wide-open spaces or places where fencing isn’t allowed, invisible fencing is essentially a wire that is buried underground. The wire can be placed to create as big or as small an area as you want.

A small sensor is then placed on the cat’s collar. When the sensor gets too close to the buried wire, a small sensation or “shock” is emitted from the collar. The closer the collar gets, the larger the shock. It won’t take long for the cat to realize the fence is nothing to mess around with.

There are also more creative ideas to keep your cat contained, including catios (fancy cat enclosures that keep cats cool and comfortable). And of course, cat training by teaching them to come to their name is critical to keeping them where they belong.

We know how important your pets are, so let us do what we can to help keep them safe! If your fence is falling over, broken, or simply won’t make it through another fall or winter season in the Pacific Northwest, now is the time to talk to us about a fence replacement.

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